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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Show us the DNA

Several things need to be shown in the Lance Armstrong doping claim before we jump to conclusions. As we know France has hated the fact that an American has won the Tour de France for 7 straight years instead of a frenchman. It would not be surprising to find that they framed Lance. It is quite suspicious that they are going back to 6 year old urine from secondary samples. Some questions need to be answered before a doping charge is considered proven:

  • The French lab needs to prove that these samples have been secured by indisputable procedures without any chance that a nationalistic Frenchman could not have made a switch or added the chemicals that would produce a positive test
  • If it has not already been done, a DNA test on the urine should check to make sure the urine in question is actually Lance's in addition to the speciman security proof.
  • Since this drug elevates red blood counts and Lance was just coming off of cancer treatment and recovery and the doping test is only a few years old, we need 100% scientific proof that none of the cancer treatments could have actually triggered a false positive of the drug
If there was no DNA test, no security proof and the French claim they used up the entire sample in this test and therefore cannot do a DNA test, the issue should be dropped immediately.

Update: According to this Breitbart article Armstrong in his autobiography "
said he was administered EPO during his chemotherapy treatment to battle cancer." This relates to my third point, and shows the mean spirited nature and sore loser mentality of the French to attack a man for residue from his cancer treatments if it even exists.


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