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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Don't let voters believe only talk

The Dems may have the GOP on the run with the immigration issue. The Dem governors of Arizona and New Mexico have seemingly come out for stronger immigration policies. This overture can be a winner in two ways. First, if the GOP does nothing the Dems may be able to win votes - even the presidency by merely paying lip service to a tighter border. Second, they may pull a rope-a-dope by getting the GOP to come out very strong on the border then paint them as racists to the hispanic voters.

Since the water carrying media will not point out the lip service only aspect of the Dems, nor brand Dems as racist - the Dems can pull this off more easily. Since this is such an important issue to the GOP base, alot of pressure could force the rope-a-dope.

What can the GOP do? First, they need to deny the Dems the ability to glean votes by merely talking. The Dems paying lip service need to be pressured into actually making a move or pull the issue off the table. If they cannot do that, then the GOP can offer to co-sponsor bills with the Dems. This will appeal to the base and call the Dem's bluff. Second, the GOP needs to formulate a campaign directed at the hispanic voters showing what progress has been made advancing hispanics in the middle class. The hispanic community must be convinced that the security breach is too dangerous leave open. The issue is tricky, but can be handled in such a way that will actually glean votes from the hispanic community. Many are already on board.

Unfortunately, the current plan seems to be to wait for a terrorist attack and then reluctantly point that the border is the cause where it will be easier to pass. The lives that will be lost are on both the heads of the Dems, GOP and the media who make use the issue as a way to bludgeon the GOP.


  • At 1:03 AM, Blogger Lone Ranger said…

    The thing I find most frustrating about voters is they have the memory of a goldfish. They keep forgetting that Democrats NEVER keep their promises. There is no law that a politician must do what he promised to do to get elected. And the next thing you know, we end up with a Clinton.


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