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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

You'll never believe who I am giving Kudos to today

I was pleasantly surprised to see this story on the NYTimes website. While the lines form with kooks blaming the Bush administration for the destructive hurricanes in recent years, this article shows how statistically the hurricanes are normal. The quick rush to blame global warming (caused by Bush and other evil Republicans of course) somehow sounds feasible yet 1.8 tons of enriched uranium, a centrifuge and nuclear blueprints, mustard gas and other discoveries does not conclude that WMD were found.

One thing you will not likely hear a liberal say is "Good point, but I think ...". No, there are never concessions with them, just a constant east wind of everything done by a conservative is wrong. The next step in the disease is to start blaming conservatives for everything wrong.

Thank you, NY times for printing this piece that shows the other side of things. I don't know what else you said elsewhere, because I don't read you cover to cover but printing this was responsible journalism. Maybe they are starting to be concerned about their credibility. Kudos.


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