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Sunday, September 11, 2005

September 11, 2001: the day we were revealed for what we are

From the moment the planes hit the twin towers until now Americans were revealed for what they were. In some cases that was great even to heroic, while in other cases an enemy within. Even before United flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, PA. heros were born as the men of the flight determined they would not die without a fight. When the passengers of the other flights were told by the terrorists that if they did not resist all would be fine. By this time the passengers of flight 93 knew they were liars and rose up with the battle call "Let's roll". When the towers were hit, heroes from the police and fire departments risked and gave their lives attempting to save others. When the towers fell, the people of New York showed what they were made of as they helped others less fortunate than themselves. The leadership of New York showed that it could rise to the occasion and lead when leadership was needed most. George W. Bush showed both compassion and firm resolve. On that day, people saw that he was genuine. Whether you agreed with his politics or not, you knew he was the real thing.
All over the country, we saw that people could step up and help their fellow man even from afar with donations and prayers. September 11 revealed to us what was important in life. For a time we we began to really notice our fellow Americans around us. Americans looked upward and outward. Church attendance increased for a time and more people spoke with each other and about more meaningful things. Americans had a renewed spirit of patriotism as they clearly saw how much God has blessed this country and how great it is to be an American. Not only beauty was revealed on that day, however. The ugliness began with the first tower strike as we saw evil most had not seen in their lifetime. We saw the evil face of a terrorist in Mohammed Atta and Osama Bin Laden. We saw evil in an Islamic world not willing to condemn the attacks, even seeing many cheer and dance in the streets. We saw evil in our own country as slowly voices began to emerge actually hinting that American actions may have played a part in the attacks. The evil began to get more bold and soon we heard some boldly blaming the US for the attacks and defending those that did them. Many leaders also saw that we could no longer always wait until attacked before using military force. With evil so present in the world, preemption in some cases would be the only way that had a chance at preventing more massive attacks. September 11 revealed those in power or wielding influence who were willing to risk American lives because they did not have the backbone to preemptively strike. Finally, we saw revealed many willing to politicize September 11 in order to advance their agenda. The 9/11 Commission was exhibit A in how far some would go to score politically; looking for ways to point fingers of blame in hopes of garnering votes instead of locating the real causes of why September 11 happened. These games were played throughout the presidential election in a shameless manner.

Yes, September 11 revealed many things and has many lessons for us. Americans are fast forgetting these important things. The prudent man or woman will not forget that tragic day in our country's history.


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