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Monday, October 17, 2005

Investments of the American left

We invest 2 main things in this country: money and time. Derivatives of these two items include resources, energy, effort, etc. Sometimes an investment goes so bad, you lose everything you put into it. Before you get to the point where you realize that the investment is a goner, you try things to help it along, to bolster it, to rescue it from the brink by whatever means necessary.

When you look at the last five years at what liberals have invested in, it is quite revealing of their behavior today. Liberals have a huge investment in the War in Iraq ending in a miserable failure. Right before the '02 elections Democrats voted to authorize the use of force in Iraq to avoid seeming soft on terror. (On a side note, imagine that: Democrats saw a link between Iraq and terror in '02 but claim now there was not one. ) Since then, they have distanced themselves from that vote and committed themselves to use Iraq as the issue to topple Bush and the GOP in future elections.

Some of the items they have invested in along the way are:

  • ignoring all evidence of a WMD program
  • ignoring the evil deeds of Saddam even up to the end
  • propping up Joe Wilson in his lies about Niger
  • downplaying any good news out of Iraq
  • giving aid and comfort to the insurgency with their continued criticism of any Bush Iraq policy
  • protesting our presence in Iraq while 'understanding' the insurgents
  • downplaying the elections of the interim government
  • downplaying the elections for the constitution
  • pretending that successful wars of the past did not have similar issues and incremental failures we have experience in Iraq
  • adopting terrorist rhetoric by claiming we are 'occupying' Iraq
  • ignoring each victorious initiative that racks up dead terrorists like cord wood
  • accepting every lie the terrorists give claiming heavy civilian casualties
  • selling out our military by acting as if abu graib was more than a few bad apples
While nobody would claim that the election of the constitution means the end of all problems, to treat this significant event as if it is nothing tips their hand. In more than one liberal blog I saw the elections being described as Bush administration smoke and mirrors. With approximately a 70% voter turnout, we can safely assume that the Iraqis take this seriously. Liberals see it as a threat to their investment and are committed to minimizing it.

As Bush continues to 'stay the course' in Iraq much to the anger of liberals, the likelihood of success goes up. A success in Iraq would put a ball and chain in the investment of the liberals. I remember the pictures of the mudslides in California where huge million dollar homes went crashing into the ravine. Liberals must fear that with every hard won inch of victory that comes to pass. It is not imaginable that we would ever see them get on TV and claim they were wrong and that a great accomplishment was made in Iraq. So we can't be surprised when 70% of Iraqis come out and vote for freedom and democracy and the liberals downplay it as "smoke and mirrors'. Those who claim to care about people are willing to sell out the people of Iraq to regain political power.


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