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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

When Al Gore gets the base excited you know your party is in trouble

I have one favorite liberal blog I like to visit called the Ostroy Report. The author, Andy Ostroy, has always been tolerant of my conservative comments as I am to liberal comments here. Apparently, Andy and another liberal have some kind of weekly TV show they do in New York which I would like to see at least once. I don't mind linking to Andy's site as I am confident in the strength of conservative ideas.

Anyway, since I have been reading his blog there are two things that generate the most comments: when I add a controversial comment and when he adds a post about the possibility of Al Gore running for president. The first time he posted about Al Gore and a possible run he generated about 90 comments. Boy am I jealous :) If I stay away and he doesn't post about Gore there is usually about 5-6 comments per post. So then a week later he posts about Gore again and boom another 31 comments.

My point is liberals must have a pretty dry well of candidates if they get so excited over Al Gore. Gore has transformed himself a bit since his loss in 2000 having more animation and energy than the wooden automaton of the presidential debates. The problem is that now he has so much energy that there is speculation on just how the loss affected him psychologically. At any rate, now that Gore is having a taste of the private sector with his television station he is not likely to go back to running for office. The liberals were dismayed at his immediate denouncement of the idea of running again. Some were even wanting to start a draft campaign.

I wish he would run. The Democrat primary of '03-'04 was nothing more than one big anti-Bush commercial where 95% of the primary they were all in a line giving the liberal media a chance to continuously interview all 9 of them so they could criticize Bush with a soundbite. In fact most had no hope of winning; they just wanted a stage for their soundbites agains Bush. The '07-'08 Democrat primary cannot take that tone this time since there is no sitting president. No, they will actually have to run against each other. If they think that they can run with an anti-Bush platform, they are mistaken. The GOP candidate will come out with a clear agenda and ideas. Even with Bush in office, Kerry learned you can't merely run AGAINST. You must actually run FOR something. Oops! Democrats can't do that either. Their message of raising taxes and spending even more money than Bush to add the socialized medicine that is failing in Canada and Europe is not a winning agenda. Like I said, the primary will be interesting.


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