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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Chris Wallace sees shift of open bias

When Chris Wallace joined Fox News all I could think of was his liberal father Mike. I feared that Fox News had caved under pressure from the left to abandon its middle of the road stance and move to the left. I have been mostly pleased, however, with Chris' performance on Fox. Though Chris is no conservative, he seems to me to be one of the most objective news people I have seen that is not a conservative.

In the linked article, Chris speaks of how his former network news associates have become astonishingly biased. This is quite an admission, but comes as no surprise to me. I have followed the news closely for the last 25 years and have seen a dramatic shift in the last 5. The network news was always quite bias, and when CNN came along it was liberal bias with a different platform. The bias, however, was not jumping out the screen and shaking you like it now is. Though liberal bias used to permeate the news casts consistently, it was more subtle and more deniable. Since our only news sources had this liberal bias, they did not feel the need to advance beyond this constant low level radiation of liberalism.

When conservative talk radio and Fox News came along, it shook the foundations of the liberal news establishment. The monopoly was broken and people flooded to what had been withheld from them for decades. When you see the ratings list of my previous post and the dropoff of circulation numbers of liberal newspapers, you understand both the panic and hatred gripping the liberal news establishment. They are rapidly losing the faux mask of objectivity they have long worn and beginning to show their true colors. They are now striking out like cats with their claws in such an obvious way that someone like Chris Wallace can see it. I predict it will get worse in the coming years, especially the GOP continues to win elections despite their intervention attempts.


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