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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers withdraws nomination

If there was any strategy as I have speculated to nominating Miers to the Supreme Court, we may never know now that she has withdrawn. If such a strategy existed, it is likely she could not survive until the nomination hearings to enact it.

Or was a doomed nomination the strategy all along? The timing of this withdrawal is suspiciously close to any possible indictment announcements. The nomination of a super-star conservative like Luttig, Owens or Brown in a week or so could do a lot to cheer up the base after a few indictments.

Of course it there are no indictments, or if at least Rove is not indicted and a great nomination is made, the base would be quite cheered up. In my little world, I wish politics were simple: the ideas of one side versus the ideas of the other side in open, honest and spirited debate. The actions and rhetoric of recent decades has created an environment where whoever has the best strategy wins. Wouldn't it be great if whoever was right won?


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