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Saturday, October 08, 2005

The selective anger of Wilson and other liberals tells all

The anger Joe Wilson and liberals across the country at the alleged leak of his wife's status of a covert CIA operative (which still has not been confirmed officially) is selectively limited to Bush, Rove, Libby Lewis and Dick Cheney. Their anger seems to stop at the partisan line and they have no more left for the reporters who chose to disseminate that information to millions. Somehow Judith Miller and Matt Cooper get a pass. Legally, Rich Novak seems to get a pass but there was at least a little criticism for him in beginning. Since he leans conservative, that would explain why Cooper and Miller were the ones that escaped all scrutiny.

Reporters are not duty bound to report all they may know or pick up along the way. If this were the case many other reporters who already knew of Plame's CIA connection would have reported it long ago. After two known other outings of Plame (which caused her to be called back to the US in the first place) and the fact that many media members knew about it shows that only after Rove and Lewis mentioned it did they deem it worthy of a story.

With no anger at Miller or Cooper, Wilson and other liberals forfeit their right to be angry at Rove and Libby. Even if they heard about it, they should have exercised better judgment than to report it. This shows that partisanship is the only driving force in this lame issue.

It would be interesting if Fitzgerald only gave indictments to Miller, Cooper and Novak. The left would absolutely go nuts. I for one am eagerly awaiting the official revelation on whether Plame was even officially covert at the time. Unless she was AND the CIA provides supporting documentation then no crime was even committed. What a boatload of egg would be on Wilson and the liberal's faces if she was not covert. But even if she retained a status of "covert" operative and mother of twins, for Rove and Libby to only mention her as "Wilson's wife" still does not meet the standard. In any case, it will be an interesting week coming up.


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