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Saturday, October 08, 2005

To a liberal Iraq sovereignty important while US sovereignty is dirt

I would be a wealthy person if I had a nickel every time a liberal spouted the tired line about the US invading the sovereign country of Iraq. The liberal place a lot of stock into the sovereignty of Iraq, yet seem willing to give away the US sovereignty.

Sovereignty is not something that should be lightly given because once given would be difficult to take back. The United Nations seems on the surface to be a good idea. A unique location where the various countries can get together and hash out solutions to world problems. In reality the UN has not nor can it ever work or be a trustworthy body. In order for the UN to work ALL of the most powerful countries in the world must be willing to set aside their best interests for the world's good. Among the most wealthy and powerful (which would be the US, China, Russia, Japan) it can only be argued that the US and Japan have even tried to make it work. In reality the other countries of the UN come to the US asking them to play the game with both hands tied behind its back while they play with both hands. Somehow the rest of the world and US liberals think this is right and fair.

The UN cannot be trusted with US sovereignty for several reasons:

  • As the previous paragraph shows, other countries would come to the table with unequal expectations.
  • The UN virtually has no systems of checks and balances. This would especially be the case regarding the US. If we went to the UN claiming another country was unfairly treating the US, other countries could merely deny it and vote against the US.
  • The UN has no system of policing itself. This has been clearly seen in the many recent scandals brought to light in the UN. Other countries merely shrugged it off as if it were not important. It would not be fitting to sign away our sovereignty to such a corrupt body.
  • It is historically obvious that from the beginning the UN's top priority has been to sap the US of wealth and power. The US pays the bulk of UN costs. The US devotes the most military costs to peacekeeping forces. The UN keeps trying to pass a world tax for the sole pupose of tapping into US wealth. With such a history of hostility toward the US why would we trust them with our sovereignty?
  • The UN has historically favored abusive nations with shameful human rights records. During the cold war the UN displayed unabashed favoratism toward the USSR. After the cold war the UN obviously embraces such tyrannical power as China, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela while shunning benevolent one such as the US and Taiwan.
The UN is morally bankrupt, corrupt and hostile to US ideals. History and common sense tells us that the UN will attempt to nibble away at our strength and wealth. Such is not the actions of a friend. If it is no friend and cannot be trusted, we should never entertain the possibility of relinquishing our authority to such a disgraceful body.


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