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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Liberals look for next tragedy to strike to blame Bush

Ted Kennedy took to the Senate floor the other day to deride the president on the possible strike of a worldwide bird flu. In the story I have linked to in the title, Reuters ( a proven critic of conservatives) declares the US is "woefully unprepared" for the coming flu.

While critics of Katrina criticized the slowness of military boots on the ground in New Orleans to help with the hurricane relief, these same critics seem to have a real problem with a plan to mobilize military forces in the event of a pandemic flu. With estimates of possible flu related deaths at 200 million, flu isolation is the best way to contain and proactively prevent the most damage. The only way to isolate a virus is through quarantine, and Bush wants to mobilize the military to enforce these quarantines. Liberals and/or civil rights advocates are already bristling at using the military.

As I have pointed out before, the government consists of bureaucratic departments that always seem to be hamstrung by red tape. While the military also has its bureaucracy and red tape, during a crisis their disciplinary structure makes them the best candidate for the job. I am sure that Bush views the military as the most qualified to handle such a heavy large scale crisis spanning across several geographical areas. After all, who would you trust most?

It is obvious that liberals are looking to this as another vehicle to deride this administration while Bush on the other hand views this as a crisis to make sure he gets done right. The question is "Are liberals willing to sacrifice millions of lives to create another situation they can tar and feather Bush with?" How would they react to a successful handling of the crisis? With gladness or with disappointment? No claims here, I am just asking.

Finally in the interests of fairness and to avoid bias from the media, I would like to know what they are saying about the preparedness of other countries? Either the other countries have everything in order or they are just as unprepared as they claim we are. If they are prepared, why isn't the media pointing out the steps they are taking so we can utilize here? If they are not prepared, why is the media only criticizing Bush. After all, the less people in other countries that are infected means the less likely to spread here. This is going to be a global effort to contain, therefore we can't just focus criticism on the US.


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