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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Newdow put up or shut up

The famed atheist who is not secure enough in his own atheism to deal with the pledge of allegiance having the words "under God" in it, is now going after the "In God we Trust" in our currency. He must think that every time he spends a dollar, he is being forced into an act of worship.

If Newdow is really serious about this thing he should go after a real issue regarding religion: to remove the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays from government employee benefits. Skip the ridiculous symbolic stuff and go after something that will affect the bottom line.

Just imagine all the Michael Newdow fan clubs across the country consisting of government workers spared the indignity of celebrating a religious holiday on the government's dime. Imagine all the government union groups including all the teacher's unions that will provide him with hours of legal entertainment throughout the process.

And while he is at it, why doesn't he change his Christian name of Michael to something else? This guy either needs to get consistent or get a life.


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