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Monday, December 26, 2005

Do you still get 72 virgins when you accidentally blow yourself up

Six Taliban stooges tried to plant a landmine and the whole operation literally blew up in their faces. The first question I have is how many Taliban does it take to plant a landmine - or change a lightbulb for that matter? The second question is do they still get the 72 virgins even though they did not plan on martyrdom and they only blew up themselves? Of course it is a shame they don't know what is really waiting for them on the other side whether they succeed or fail in their martyrdom attempts. If they knew, martyrdoms would go down to zero overnight. Whether it is Taliban fanatics or the simple purse snatcher, it is always a pleasure to see ironic justice. While I feel bad these people chose such a self-destructive path in life, this outcome is better than the loss of innocent life if they had successfully planted the landmine.


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