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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Kudos to three heroic passengers

In another incident involving an irrational passenger aboard a flight, three passengers took a "Never Again" attitude and took him down. According the the story I have linked to a man was aboard a Northwest flight bound for Honolulu. The man was acting irrational and ended up threatening to harm a sleeping baby girl nearby. At some point the flight attendents asked the parents to move to the back of the plane. When they went to do this, the man started moving toward the cockpit. That is when 3 passengers jumped the man and wrestled him to the ground where plastic restraints were placed on him.

No questions. No hesitation. This is the way it needs to be. Those three men sent a powerful message to the world that we will never let them gain access to our cockpits again. The message that we will not hesitate to take required action needs to be sent on the individual level and on the country level. Kudos to these three heroes.


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