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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Dem panel recommendation in right direction

A Democrat panel has recommended moving away from Iowa/New Hampshire having the biggest voice in nominating presidential candidates. I could not agree more, but probably for different reasons. Their thinking is that these 2 states are probably not as diverse as other states and tends to rob minorities of a voice in the initial process. While I am not insensitive to that sentiment, I have other reasons for wishing the primaries were held differently. To me, the states of Iowa and New Hampshire really don't stand out in any way that leads me to think that they are the best location to begin primaries.

The fact that the momentum of the initial results of the first two states primaries often already yield a front-runner that goes on to win makes the process boring and unfair to those states that vote later in the game. I have yet to figure out why how other people vote in a primary has anything to do with 'my' vote. Why must we be such a country of lemmings that vote for the front runner even if he/she is not the best candidate? I think that George W. Bush was the only presidential candidate since I have been voting that I actually voted for in the primaries. In other primaries I always felt there was a better candidate running and did not vote in the primary for Bush I or Bob Dole.

The problem is that each party is interested in getting the most winnable candidate 'crowned' as soon as possible instead of going through the process of nominating the best candidate. I think that the first voting day of the primary should include a good cross-section of states instead of just one; something like Super Tuesday. While a one day primary in every state might be alluring, there are logistical problems such as funding that would cause problems.

From a sheer GOP standpoint, it would be fun if they picked a more liberal state for the first primary, such as California. This would give quick momentum to the kookiest Dem candidate which would produce a sure loss for them. Maybe we could make it variable by starting with the home state of the current president. That would be a great "lemon test" vote for sitting presidents if their own state would vote against them. I for one am bored with the way it is now and welcome some kind of change. Kudos for a step in the right direction!


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