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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2006 to all

2005 was a very interesting year in the world and the US. Other blogs have hashed out the significant events of the year. One of the best is the National Review Online's lists the best and worst of politics 2005.

I predict that 2006 will be one of the most politically interesting years in my lifetime. In the following I have prepared a list of those I predict to be losers and winners. These are not in the same category of the 'pscychic' predictions we always see in the tabloids. They are based on what I currently know or believe to be true and my political instincts. Missing a major piece of the puzzle could throw the whole thing off. In a media environment where papers sit on stories for over a year, who knows what puzzle pieces are currently missing.

- The Mainstream Media (MSM) will be a monumental loser in 2006. If the MSM has not already gone over the cliff they are very much on the edge. While their ultimate demise is not imminent, their fall into irrelevancy is almost at the tipping point. The New York Times will be lucky to escape 2006 without the brands of "traitor" and "enemy" irrevocably tattooed on their forehead. The Washington Post will be suffering a CBS stonewalling moment regarding the Bill Roggio hit piece making unfounded statements and refusing to respond to probing questions. The LA Times goes into 2006 stinging from reporting a known joke as real news, then giving a microscopic apology and retraction. I have pointed out on an ongoing basis the lack of credibility in the Associated Press. So far the world is at the mercy of only liberal news wire services. I predict some focus on this issue to hitch a ride with the general downward slide of the MSM in
general. If CBS thinks Katie Couric will solve their news anchor woes, they will quickly learn what an intellectual lightweight she is if they succeed in bringing her on board. CNN will continue to slide in total viewership while continuing to beat their chest about demographic gains. It must be hard to make such a big deal out of demographic gains after firing Aaron Brown, their demographic #2. The two hours of Anderson Cooper will really bite them now or
later. If they switch now so soon after Brown, they will look chaotic and desperate. If they wait, Cooper's second hour will be slaughtered. With a high profile election year on the horizon, we will see higher cable news viewers overall. However, I predict a shift in the second and third slots later in the year between CNN and MSNBC.

- The United Nations will be a huge loser in 2006. As we have seen in the past, the MSM is very reluctant to report stories contrary to their agenda until they are shamed into reporting on them (the Monica Lewinsky story and the Oil-For Food scandal are the two most famous). The MSM is now completely reluctant to report on the mismanagement of the tsunami aid money, but as time goes by they will be shamed into doing so. This scandal and continued probes into Kojo's Mercedes Benz will not be deflected by Kofi Annan accusing reporters of acting like schoolboys. While some are predicting this will be the ultimate blow for Annan and that he will resign, I predict he will stick out his final year. Kofi has never been a class act. Why should he start now? Also, the 'corruption as a way' of life governments of China, Russia, Germany and France will not likely lift a finger to demand action. By years end the American people will be demanding to know just what the purpose of the UN is and how is the money we spend on it worth it.

- The Democrats will be huge losers in 2006. This loss may or may not be apparent at the ballot box in November. They will likely have one big victory against Rick Santorum. But at what cost? As the year goes on, Santorum's numbers will rise. This will cause a panic in the Democrats because at the moment, his demise looks like a 'gimme'. A Santorum victory would be devastating and they can't let that happen. Look for many dollars and other resources to focus so much on Pennsylvania at the expense of other races. Regardless of the elections, the Democrats reputation will be severely wounded. Just a few more missteps and the Democrat's weakness on national security will change from axiomatic to written in stone. The incestuous relationship between the MSM and Democrats will be a millstone around the Democrat's neck this year as we see the MSM on the ropes. More and more Americans are connecting the dots between those two. They will come to the conclusion that neither has our best interest in mind.

- The Marxist, anti-US entrenchment in our colleges and universities will remain intact this year, but we will see a few minor steps of progress in laying the foundation for their ultimate extraction. So far their strength has been flying under the radar. As the blogosphere and talk radio continue to draw attention to this plague on society and students continue to expose them it will have the effect of shaking a bees nest. As with Ward Churchill they will come out to talk about free speech along with their crazy ideas and advance the ultimate exposure.

- Hollywood will be a big loser in 2006. Their loss will occur on two fronts. First, in the area of politics and actors/actresses. If they realize they made a big mistake in 2004 by being too politically active without the intellectual foundation to support their activist stance, staying away from the political arena will be an admission of their impotence where it comes to political influence. If they do not recognize this and continue their activities, the carnage on their reputations will continue. The second area is in the box office. Hollywood is in a constant battle
between producing what they want to produce and what people want them to produce. Agenda vs. profit. With 'big' stars lately getting involved in box office bombs, coupled with no name casts having unexpected success the concept of a box office draw by actors and actresses may be fading. This is a huge loss for the big stars that may lead to a huge gain for the consuming public. More frequent use of no names, linked with quality themes and story lines would lead to lower budgets with higher viewership. Somehow this will be viewed as censorship by the elites.

- The power of the tax cut will be a big winner in 2006. It has already proven itself by mitigating the assaults on our economy by 9/11, the corporate scandals of Enron and others, biological threats such as SARS and West Nile, high energy prices. Not to mention the recession Bush inherited as he took office. 2004 showed how the tax cuts protected our economy from assault. 2005 showed how the tax cuts stimulated the economy for growth. 2006 will show how the tax cuts laid a foundation for even greater economic strength. In spite of economic gloom and doom predictions, we will see 2006 as a year of economic strength. There are reports of large scale hiring plans and expectations of rising wages. I predict the most under-reported story of 2006 will be the shrinking deficit. As more are hired and wages increase, so will the tax revenues that always go up in the years following an across the board tax cut. If spending can be at least held in check, we will see a significant shrinkage in the deficit. Big if.

- 2006 will be a year of vindication for George Bush. We will see significant strides in Iraq and a drawdown of troops; not because of a cut and run strategy, but because Iraqis will be more and more ready to take the lead in the military and police efforts. An execution of Saddam Hussein will be a powerful statement if it can be pulled off this year. There will continue to be more advances in freedom and voting in other Middle East countries as well as the contagiousness of democracy takes root. Our presence close to Iran during further irrational actions by their hostage taking leader will be viewed as prophetic. Bush will continue to speak out in defense of the policies and decisions he has made. During his near silence, the rantings of the MSM seemed to make sense to the under-informed. By simply speaking about the issues, the deception of the MSM falls very quickly. I also predict that at least one of the 3 major Al Qaeda leaders (Bin Laden, Zawahari, Zarqawi) will be captured, killed or confirmed dead this year.

- 2006 will be a banner year for the blogosphere. As the strength of the MSM wanes, the blogosphere will flex their muscles this year by continuing to call the MSM on their shortcomings. As with all elitists, the MSM will continue to be blind to the actual strength and effectiveness of the blogoshere. The MSM cannot save itself by ignoring the new media. The MSM cannot save itself by merely admitting to the shortcomings exposed by the new media. The MSM can only save itself by correcting the shortcomings exposed by the new media. Since they will never do that, the MSM will descend while the new media rises.

- Fox News will have another blowout year. After the 2004 election news viewership took a hit. This has probably always been the case, but enhanced political interest in recent years has made it more pronounced. With this election cycle expected to be hotly contested around hot button items, viewership will be high. Fox News will shine in its fair and balanced coverage and I predict will have another blowout year. While I think MSNBC will kick CNN to the #3 slot
like Santa kicked the kid down the slide in "A Christmas Story", Fox News will stay on top. Their demographic will show dramatic improvement as the conservative 25-54 year olds currently busy with productivity and capitalistic endeavors will tune in for the election.

- Conservative Talk Radio will have surprising growth in 2006 - The elections will also help conservative talk radio. However, as the MSM continues to carry water for the radical and ridiculous side of the liberal wing, frustration among conservatives will push talk radio listenership to new heights and will enjoy success in unimaginable markets. The treason of revealing national security secrets simply to attack a sitting president in wartime will be the tipping point for some normally on the fence; the fence being both viewpoint and level of political interest. While radical leftists will continue their current trends, Reagan Democrats and moderates will have a fire lit under them.

- The stock market will rise sharply in 2006 - (disclaimer: I am not a financial expert. This is only my opinion. Please do not base financial investment decisions based on the writings of a blogger who writes under an alias with a picture of Popeye) That said, in my opinion the stock market is currently undervalued having been suppressed by high energy prices and lower consumer confidence based on the false notion put out by the MSM that we have a weak economy. That bubble having been burst by the year end retail sales coupled with declining fuel prices and strong hiring trends will cause a rise in the market. The housing market will take a brief breather over the next few months and return strongly in the spring. Of course the MSM will picture this as the housing bubble finally bursting, then act surprised when housing strength returns. We have been hovering at the 11,000 DOW mark for 5 years now. First, this shows that in the latter years of Clinton the market was greatly overvalued. Second, with the GDP growth we have experienced while the market hovers in the same spot tells me it is now undervalued. By third quarter they may be wondering if we will break 12,000.

- Psychiatrists and therapists will be big winners in 2006 - While Democrats dream of big gains in Congress this year, there is really very little chance of a big gain. A couple of months back, the left was blogging that these elections were going to be like picking ripe fruit and they did not even need a plan or agenda in order to win big. I am seeing them back-pedal away from that now. They are starting to talk about the congressional districts and voter fraud, etc. Some are starting to come up with an agenda to push for - kindof like Newt Gingrich's 'Contract with America'. We can only pray they try a stunt like that; where they do best at concealing their agenda. The GOP does not even need to make gains to make the shrinks winners. Simply keeping the status quo will send them over the edge for another two years.

- The Logic Lifeline 2006 - I both hope and predict the Logic Lifeline will grow in 2006. I have two primary goals for this year: 10000 hits and one honorable mention by one of the bigger blogs such as,, Why would they do that? I don't know but it would be very cool.

I have not made any predictions for GOP or conservative losses. It is likely that in some of the outstanding areas the Dems may get a little lucky in one or two things going their way. I think Tom Delay will be acquitted of all charges against him, but who knows? Since no evidence has been released one can't tell what they might be sitting on. If Delay gets his speedy trial, my guess is that Earle will claim he can't get his case ready after years of investigation. The GOP could get bitten on immigration, but since the Dems have not taken any interest in capitalizing on it, who knows? Any successful terrorist attack will be pushed as a Bush failure by the MSM. It is hard to imagine them getting away with that as they have tried at every turn to handcuff anti-terrorist efforts. On the other hand, if an attack can clearly be shown that the handcuffing caused prevention, the Dems are toast. In short, I'll let the left side of the blogosphere make the anti-conservative dire predictions.

Again, Happy New Year to all from the Logic Lifeline.


  • At 8:07 PM, Blogger LASunsett said…

    "The Logic Lifeline 2006 - I both hope and predict the Logic Lifeline will grow in 2006."

    By golly, it had better. I bought stock in your blog at Blogshares. Marketing, marketing, marketing!!! ;)

    Seriously, as long as you keep putting a quality product out, as you currently are doing, it will grow.

    Happy New Year

  • At 8:28 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    I did see recently you had invested in my blog :)

    I don't understand all the ins and outs yet of blogshares. Maybe I will figure it out one of these days.

    Thanks as always for your good comments.

  • At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Looking forward to seeing if your predictions come true. I certainly have trust in your judgment, but I may be a little prejudiced.


  • At 12:32 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    Thanks Mom, always good to know I have at least one supporter. Of course I have a few more who support me more privately and do not post comments such as my "Olive Oil".

    Then there is LA Sunsett who has been very supportive.

    I think silence is a bloggers worst enemy. In my first days I would post and post. I did not get comments so I added the counter to see who was visiting. That was a very, very lonely moment to see the counter only go up 1-2 per day. But I kept at it and later saw the counter go up faster and comments come in a little more at a time.


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