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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

More on Deb Reichmann from AP

I decided to look up Deb 3rd Reichmann to see if she really is the Bush bashing bias reporter I thought she was from the story in my earlier post. Here are a few links where others discuss her and show some of her other works. Judge for yourself:

Patridiot nails her as not reality-based

Painting a nasty picture of Bush according to

Holy Bush Bashing Batman

Here a Bush basher who is sympathetic with Deb. Deb is the one that took soldiers making sure they had their act together for a videoconference and converted it into a Bush faking news story

Here no surprise Deb was there at Camp Casey in the glory days of Cindy Sheehan

Here is Deb with a winner headline "President Bush Unveils Strategy for Iraq, Democrats Decry ‘Tired Rhetoric’ "

Here Search for Reichmann to see her complain that veterans at a motorcycle rally support Bush over Kerry

Here another hit piece entitled "Bush Trying to Win Over Americans on Iraq"

Like I said, judge for yourself. I for one will know what to expect in future articles and would be shocked if I ever read her write anything positive about Bush.


  • At 6:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Read her post about Bush's last speech as president. What a piece of garbage. This is what the AP thinks is journalism?


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