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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Better to sign and then renege

The world is now doomed because 10 of 15 European countries that signed Kyoto are not meeting their agreement levels. While Kyoto was designed to reduce emissions, carbon dioxide has increased in 13 of 15 countries since signing. While Bush has been trashed for pulling out of the economically suicidal pact just in time, Europe has been praised by the world media for its courage in signing on to the knee jerk reaction to junk science. I guess it is better to commit and fail than never to have committed at all. Well, the truth is that it is better that Bush was able to recognize a skunk early on and avoid it.

Update: Captain's Quarters has an excellent commentary on this here. They especially have a great point on how Kyoto would handcuff the US against China saying:
"Kyoto would handcuff the US while allowing China an unfettered path to sconomic and political domination of the region, the latter being especially unacceptable given China's autocratic one-party regime. Europe, of course, could hardly care less about Chinese expansionism; they care more about reflexive anti-Americanism. The entire raison d'etre of the EU has always been to provide a global economy to rival the US, and Kyoto gives them an opportunity to slow us down. And just as with their debt controls, the EU contingent has no problem breaking treaty mandates on emissions as long as they feel it necessary to do so to remain competitive, making the agreement worthless anyway."
It is important to note that while the American left decries the GOP "having it all", they have no problem with as CQ points out China's 'one party regime'. At least the GOP was voted in rather than taking over with a bloody revolution.


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