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Friday, December 30, 2005

ACLU discriminates against brown-skinned males

Either the ACLU is rooting for terrorists or they are discriminating against brown-skinned males. Read all about the ACLU's criticism of a program the profiles on behaviour. TSA agents are being trained to look for passengers that are nervous, won't make eye-contact, wearing heavy coats in winter, etc. They are then trained to make "casual" conversation about their travel plans to get them to give revealing answers. Sounds like a great program, but the ACLU calls it a "code word for targeting brown-skinned males between ages 17 and 45 years". Huh?

Stop the ACLU points out their discrimination:

"I don’t understand, are the ACLU saying that only brown-skinned males between the ages 17 and 45 years old are shifty eyed, avoid eye contact, and act nervous when asked simple routine questions? Are these the only people that might wear coats in the middle of summer?"
It sounds like the ACLU needs to clean house of their racist thinking. If all races can exhibit these less than desireable behaviors, why is the ACLU so quick to brand brown-skinned males with such stereo-typing? Or do they fear the program will actually prevent other terrorist attacks?


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