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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

John Stossel - Keep it coming!

I have posted previously about John Stossel's push for school choice as the best means of boosting the quality of education in this country; especially in the big cities. Stossel has a new piece showcased at RealClearPolitics showing the undeniable link between teacher's unions and mediocrity. The hardest hitting paragraph states:
Some teachers care about the students, so they want to do more than the contract requires. But astoundingly, some of them told me they are actually afraid to stay at school when the union says it's time to go home. They worry they'll "get in trouble with the union." It's as if the teachers, united, never to be defeated, made a decision: Instead of letting the administrators crack down on bad teachers, the union will protect the bad teachers by cracking down on the good ones.
We have heard about students that want to do well in school and succeed being ridiculed. Here we have the same genre of activity at the teacher's level. I applaud John Stossel for keeping these education related editorials coming. By comparison his fellow media associates are sorely lacking in their duty to tell this side of the story. The liberals in the media constantly whine about conservatives not doing enough for education. As the liberal who tries to pass grammar and spelling corrections as logical reasoning, these try to pass throwing more money at education as caring for the kids. Then they refuse to reveal the massacre the teacher's unions are committing on the education system. They refuse to take responsibility for the minority children affected the most by this bait and switch tactic while pretending to be their champions. Keep going John! You deserve a Pulitzer for this, but I doubt it will happen.


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