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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

John Bolton doing an excellent job so where is the apology?

I was listening to a local Chicago talk show this morning where ambassador to the UN John Bolton was being interviewed. I only heard part and I don't have a transcript, but I was so impressed with the man. There are three points in the interview that stand out: the Security Council and Iran, UN reform, and the election of a new UN Secretary General.

His main point on the Security Council and Iran was completely in line with what I have been posting here: the Security Council must succeed in dealing with Iran or show themselves to be irrelavent and ineffective. This is the biggest test of the Security Council so far in our lifetime. It takes somebody like John Bolton, a UN skeptic rather than a UN worshipper, to come to the UN and demand they meet their obligations of face being revealed for what they truly are. A UN supporter with a world view is the last thing we needed to send to the UN. From all I have seen of this so called "world view" is the rest of the world reluctant to enact the policies that make the US great, and to do all they can to defang and weaken the US militarily and economically. To send an ambassador with a world view is like a court appointing the prosecutor to double as defense attorney for the accused.

John Bolton spoke of UN reform. There are those who would like to see the Oil-for-Food scandal just go away, but Bolton assured us that he will not let it go away until real reform has been put into place. Currently, their idea of reform is to outsource administrative work to save money. Bolton pointed out that Oil-for-Food did not just materialize out of thin air, but is the result of a longstanding culture that already existed at the UN. Now that is a culture of corruption. I have not heard many Democrats decrying it, though. Oh wait, they don't have anything to gain politically by doing so. The media does not say much of it either. Now that is very illogical because every world view media member must view the UN as "higher" than the US government. So a proven culture of corruption in the UN is by far a bigger story than a ginned up story about a culture of corruption in the GOP. The host of the show at this time brought up Bolton's quote that the best UN reform would come by simply "lopping" off the top ten floors of the UN building. I say, don't stop at 10.

Bolton also spoke about the upcoming selection of a new Secretary General to replace Kofi. Apparently for some reason in the middle of communist China rising as a military and economic power there is some push for putting an Asian in the position. "Asian" is very broad, but my bet would be if we went that route that someone with close ties to China would be selected. As Bush Senior would say "Wouldn't be prudent". Bolton did not denounce the idea, but handled the topic very well. He stated that if it were determined that an Asian were the best one for the job, that would be considered. Then he went to various parts of the world and said the same thing. Finally, he landed on brilliance by focusing on Eastern Europe. He stated there has never been a SG from Eastern Europe and that would be good to look into. I think someone from Eastern Europe is a fantastic idea. With threats of communism, appeasing socialism, despotism, etc. the one place in the world least affected by those factors and least likely to stab the US in the back would come from Eastern Europe.

In conclusion, John Bolton has shown himself to be doing a fantastic job as UN ambassador. He is firm and determined, but he is nothing as portrayed by the Democrats and their water-carrying media. It is both time to change his recess appointment to a full appointment and it is time to for a full and humble apology from the Democrats and from that crying Voinevich.


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