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Friday, March 24, 2006

Pay close attention world to the reaction of the religion of peace

AFP is reporting that the Christian Afghan Abdul Rahman will likely be released soon. In many Islamic countries it is illegal to convert to another faith and often punishable by death. This was the planned fate of Abdul Rahman. The Bush Administration has gotten heavily involved in attempting to pursuade Afghanistan that this is not what freedom loving countries do. Pressure from around the world has also been added, especially from Australia. Even the new conservative leader of Canada, Stephen Harper, called Afghan President Hamid Karzai to express his concern about the execution.

While talk of a pending release adds hope, recent comments make me fearful that upon release the people will kill him. So before anything happens, the world needs to take a good long look at this situation. If the man is successfully released, then it is a tribute to progress toward true freedom in Afghanistan. If the man is executed or killed by a mob if released, it should paint a clear picture of what the world is up against. While I do not disrespect the tenets of other religions, I do heartily denounce trends that against humanity. The world needs to work with the entire Middle East to bring them into the 21st Century, even if they come kicking and screaming. They will not become more civilized by appeasement, but through strength.

To drive home the point of what we are up against, the following websites provide a vivid picture of the brutal nature of these radicals:
The Voice of the Martyrs

The second site does not deal exclusively with persecution from Islamic sources, but they are a significant portion of them. I have read horrific stories of how Christians are mistreated, abused, wounded, maimed and killed. In most Islamic countries a Muslim can rape a Christian women with impunity. I have read stories of acid being thrown on Christians simply for existing. When the actions shown on these sites is fully absorbed, we see clearly the evil we are up against (in spite Madeline NotAtAllBright's statements today). We clearly see that this butcher mentality is the world challenge of our lifetime. Liberals seem completely blind to this and can only focus on a couple of renegade soldiers humiliating Iraqi prisoners with women's underwear, leashes and barking dogs. They are obsessed with a hatred of one man to the point that they cannot even see what is going on in the rest of the world. They need to wake up!


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