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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Why do liberals always give Russia and China a pass

NewsMax has a story about how Russia and China are stalling Security Council action on Iran regarding their nuclear plans. Is there truly anyone who values freedom and life that thinks it a good thing for Iran to possess nuclear capabilities? All who have this mindset should not only be neutral on this issue, but should strongly oppose such a thing. While we may all wish for nuclear weapons to be completely removed from the entire earth, it has been extremely difficult among the largest powers to achieve a level of trust to seriously disarm equally. It is not likely that the US, Russia and China will in the next 50 years to achieve this. While many Pollyanna-minded liberals think the US should just disarm to lead the way, that would be extremely foolish. So the bottom line is that these three countries and their major allies to retain nuclear capability for some time.

The world should be in agreement that smaller countries run by radical dictators or other unstable elements should not be allowed to develop nuclear capabilities. The Security Council and the Clinton administration allowed North Korea to develop nukes. Now it looks like the Security Council is going to allow Iran the same. Russia and China appear to go beyond neutrality and actually encouraging and assisting the process. NewsMax states:

The same two members also have nuclear and military advisers in Iran working on various projects, including a $6 billion nuclear power plant on the Persian Gulf coast nearing completion in the next few months.

As such, both Moscow and Beijing have good cause to keep Washington, London and Paris at bay, especially as it regards any military or economic sanctions.

The compromise is expected to come in the form of a Security Council presidential statement, which amounts to no more than a position paper by the U.N. body.
So not only do we see that the UN has proven itself worthless in matters of world security, we see that Russia and China have been repeatedly complicit in dangerous countries becoming more dangerous: Iraq, North Korea, Iran. Then against all reason we see that in the US and around the world, instead of protesting against the antics of these countries they march in protest against the US for "going it alone". When will this crazy world get its intellectual bearings straight? When will they admit the UN is a failure and that Russia and China are the rogue elements causing discord in the world's hot spots? It is time to stop giving Russia and China a pass!


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