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Sunday, April 16, 2006

The plague of uninsured motorists

Today we drove half way before realizing we forgot the food we were supposed to bring for Easter dinner. We went to an Easter service at a different church today pastored by my wife's cousin. He started the church a few years ago and as it slowly grows, he feels it encourages him and the other members if on special services the attendance is bumped by asking a few here and there to come.

After a very nice Easter service, we stopped at the nearby grocery store to see if we could save some face by buying something. We found something and as we were walking to our car I saw a big dent in the front I had not noticed before. After returning from London, the car only moved to the street Friday as I worked from home. At some point between then and later that night somebody bashed into my car and drove off without telling me. As I stewed about it for a couple of hours on my Easter Sunday, it dawned on me that due to the location and angle it must have been the neighbors across the street. When I got home this evening I called the police. We found a car in the driveway with a matching dent in the expected location if my theory were correct. To my surprise, the offender both had a drivers license AND admitted to hitting my car. She claimed she did not know she hit it, but when she saw the matching dents 'fessed up. I then found out what I already feared: no insurance.

Three weeks ago, we found a nearly new white pick-up truck for my wife and her new business. It is a fantastic truck and the price was definitely right. She was still enjoying driving her truck 10 days later when a kid pulls out in front of her without even looking. She slammed on the breaks so hard that the nose of the tall truck came down 1.5 feet to sustain damage on top of the hood. In addition to the police officer being a mega jerk to my wife (the victim), it now appears that the boy lied about insurance and does not have any.

So in two weeks we have sustained damage to both of our primary vehicles that we are making payments for and the offenders have no insurance. This truly makes me sick and angry that so many drive around without insurance. Something needs to be done.

And while we are on the subject - I wonder how many illegal aliens are driving around without insurance. I suspected these neighbors (who are living in the home until it sells) were illegal. For all I know they are but somehow have a drivers license. It is not enough that we pay for education and health care for illegals, but we also have to pay when they damage our cars and have no insurance? My brother's car was totaled by illegal aliens a few years back. His only satisfaction was seeing INS haul them away, but his insurance had to foot the bill. Will some illegal alien advocate try to tell me how this is fine?


  • At 9:13 PM, Blogger LASunsett said…


    I can top your story.

    It seems the King of Spain hit my car once, while he was riding a motorcycle. His name? Juan Carlos. At least that's what he told me before he rode off before law enforcement got there, probably with some broken ribs.

    That was several years ago.

  • At 8:39 AM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    So we are going from fish stories to uninsured motorist stories :)


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