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Friday, June 30, 2006

WND - Operation Rescue buys abortion clinic

WND brings an interesting story regarding anti-abortion group Operation Rescue and an abortion clinic. According to the story Operation Rescue was so successful in discouraging abortions (down 16%) that the Central Women's Services was behind in rent by several months. The building was for sale and Operation Rescue learned both of the sale and the delinquincy. They made an offer to buy the building stipulating in the contract that the current tenant would not be retained. Even though the clinic came up with the back rent, Operation Rescue was able to kick them out. Here are a few paragraphs from the story:

"We have no doubt that if we had not moved quickly to buy that building, this abortion mill would still be in operation today," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

The clinic had operated under a variety of names since opening in 1983, aborting an estimated 50,000 babies. It drew attention in 1991, when a demonstration there led by Operation Rescue resulted in the arrests of 80 pastors.

Operation Rescue relocated its offices from Southern California to Wichita in 2002 and launched an effort to expose the abortion industry in Kansas. The group says its efforts have resulted in a 16 percent drop in abortions in the state.

Operation Rescue believes the decrease in abortions contributed to Central Women's Services financial difficulties.

The 50,000 number for one single clinic is simply staggering. While I was reading the story I thought that while this may have been a symbolic victory of sorts, it really did not accomplish anything permanent. The clinic will no doubt reopen in another building in another part of town. Then the story began in earnest when Operation Rescue moved into the clinic:

Operation Rescue staff member Cheryl Sullenger had an opportunity to see the abortion clinic in May before it closed, during a yard sale of office supplies and equipment. She described it as dingy, cramped and dirty.

After the abortion business moved out, Sullenger got a closer look.

"There was mold, and general filth," she said. "The carpets outside the abortion rooms were stained with blood, even though it was evident that some effort had been made to clean them. The ceiling nearby was broken. All of the walls were dirty and some were covered with cheap contact paper instead of being properly maintained."

For all the pro-choice groups cries against back-alley abortions, whenever we get a glimpse into some of these clinics we find it is not any more sanitary than a back-alley. The conditions described here paint a dark picture of this grim business. I have read stories of young girls going through this at such places where the dingy sights and foul smells are etched in their memory. The next revelation from the story is simply abominable:

"Under the sink was one of the biggest garbage disposals I have ever seen," said Newman. "The entire area had the stench of death. It was the sink where the suction machine bottles were washed. In fact, dried blood could be seen that had seeped out from the metal band that surrounded the sink top. There was a bucket marked 'biohazard' next to the sink.

Norma McCorvey, the "Roe" of Roe v. Wade who once ran abortion clinics but now is a pro-life activist, confirmed it once was common practice to put aborted baby remains down such disposals.

"Oh, yes!" she told Newman in a phone call. "And you can't pour enough bleach down that drain to get rid of the smell."

The vividness conjured up from those words is simply haunting. From beginning to end the entire process exudes a careless and casual attitude toward the life being snuffed out. A cattle slaughterhouse does not produce worst images.

I am unabashadly pro-life. It is not one of my goals to have an abortion debate on this blog and that is not the purpose of posting this. This story goes beyond the debate and opens a window into those who run these establishments and is a black mark against those who march in the streets to promote such things. I don't think abortion is ever going to be illegal again. Sadly, these mills are here to stay.


  • At 9:17 PM, Blogger Housewife4Palestine 4 بيت فلسطين said…

    AICS, thank you for posting this, I seen picture’s several years ago what goes on in these kinds of places and it made me ill.

    Like you, I have always been Pro-Life.

    I could never understand how people could destroy something so beautiful-a child!

  • At 9:30 PM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…

    I used to volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center (back when I had more spare time), and the center was so nicely decorated--in a girly way. Nice couches and chairs with floral fabrics, and one room done with a picket fence and fake birdhouses along one wall. The place had such a homey look to it.

    We had girls come in sometimes who had gone with friends to the Planned Parenthood in the next town over, and they always commented how stark and uninviting the Planned Parenthood was and how much better they liked coming to our place.

    When you don't kill any babies, there's no smell to hide.

    Great post.

  • At 10:32 PM, Blogger FKAB said…

    I would agree with you that abortion is unethical, however I believe that pro-life campaigners are merely fighting the consequences of deep-seated social problems. Your energy might yield more success if it was directed at solving the problem of sexual promiscuity and contraception.

    Just my $0.02

  • At 10:46 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…


    you're welcome. I don't understand it either.

    thank you for sharing about your volunteer work. As I wrote about the dark atmosphere, I thought how disgusted I would be if they had a pretty and bright atmosphere in the mills. They don't even keep them clean and neutral.

    It is nice to know the crisis centers have nice homey decor.


    We are almost on the same page. I put very little energy into combating the legality of abortion. I do think that what I do attempts to promote an atmosphere that combats the social ills you speak of.

  • At 10:13 PM, Anonymous r2w said…


    Have you ever checked out the total numbers of reported abortions that have been performed since Roe v. Wade? Compare them with the number of total American casualties in all the wars the U.S. has ever fought in. The numbers are staggering. Since blasphemer (formerly known as) loves it when we discuss God, I will go on record as stating my belief that God's wrath will be seen in this nation over the murder of so many millions of His innocent creatures. Many people blow this issue off, characterizing anti-abortionists as uneducated hicks who don't understand science or the importance of a woman's rights over her own body. I, however, believe this is possibly the most important issue we face today, because it is the great evil of the modern day, as slavery was the great evil of the 19th century. I'm glad you brought it up.

  • At 11:37 PM, Blogger FKAB said…


    I don't think we need to believe in god to know that abortion is an unethical practice.

  • At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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