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Saturday, September 09, 2006

A pictorial tribute to the heroes of 9-11

Five years ago our country was senselessly attacked by those living in hatred with a mindset that is centuries past. This mindset remains virtually unchallenged by the religious and political leaders of Islam. We have seen lip service at best, silence from most, and support at worst. I hope in the next five years many of the Islamic faith will rise up and demand a cessation to a mindset that robs thousands of innocents around the globe of of the rights to life, liberty and happiness: elements which pursuit of comprises the American Dream.

Even tragedy caused by such seething hatred is an opportunity for the best elements of man (who was made in the image of God) to come forth. To this day many heroic deeds that happened on that tragic day are held up and praised. American culture has long celebrated the hero. In the last century, the literary genre of the comic book grew dramatically. While used for other themes, the idea of larger than life heroism became very popular. While some may look down on the genre, I think the super hero comic strip, at least in its early days, was something to be admired. Then the heroes were wholesome and upstanding citizens that embraced American Patriotism as a good thing. Shortly after 9-11, I found a group of pictures that used the comic strip hero theme to both mourn the lost and lift up those who displayed heroism and compassion for their fellow humans on that day. I believe most if not all of these pictures were retrieved from the website of Marvel Comics, the creator of the comic heroes pictured. The pictures above are some of those pictures to remember that day and remember how we felt at that time.


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