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Thursday, December 28, 2006

John Edwards' Snowball's Chance

When John Edwards announced his bid for the presidency in 2008, my first response was laughter. Within 2 weeks of Kerry naming Edwards as his running mate, Edwards revealed himself as an empty suit. Since Kerry's loss, Edwards has had a low profile. Two media darlings have all but declared their intent for 2008. Edwards' declaration seems at first glance as small as Chris "bread slice" Dodd, Joe Biden or Dennis Kucinich.

In the midst of my laughter, I saw something that caused me to pause. I have lost the link to the story, but it mentioned that Edwards has been making quite a few trips to Iowa in the last two years. In fact Edwards in a recent poll is tied at the top with Obama in Iowa. Here may be Edwards' snowball's chance at the nomination. A strong showing in Iowa, especially a win, would put Edwards in the spotlight through Super Tuesday. Edwards has a high chance, perhaps the best, in the South. Super Tuesday could clinch it for him. It is a long shot, but I am beginning to think it is possible.

An Edwards win would interest me on two fronts. It would be so much fun to see neither of the media darlings survive the nomination process. Also, I think Edwards would be revealed in the general election as the lightweight that he is. So here we are talking about 2008 when the winners of 2006 have not even been sworn in yet. I guess we are doomed for endless election cycles with little or no respite between.


  • At 6:47 AM, Blogger Malott said…

    Mark Belling, hosting for a vacationing Rush Limbaugh, said he is picking Edwards to win the nomination.

    So when was the last time a failed Vice Presidential nominee:
    1) nominated for president?
    2) elected president?

  • At 2:23 PM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…

    Edwards as the nominee would be a gift from heaven to the GOP. Unless the GOP nominates an even emptier suit. Could that happen?

  • At 5:01 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    I am trying to think what GOP candidate would be an emptier suit. Though I have issues with McCain, it is not because he is an empty suit.

    I think Guliani is very over-rated and may come close. Probably Bloomberg is the closest equivalent to Edwards but he has zero chance at the nomination.

  • At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Go ahead, underestimate him. The man has practically lived here (here being Iowa) since 2006. I hope the other candidates underestimate him as much as the other commenters.

  • At 4:36 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    Anonymous from Iowa,

    I don't think I was underestimating him in the primary. I think he has a chance due to 1) His efforts in IOWA the last two years 2) His decisions to run as a populist candidate.

    I hope he does pull off the primary. My point is that once he is the nominee it will be hard to hide the fact that he is a political and intellectual lightweight.


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