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Monday, December 18, 2006

Total Disgust With Mike Nifong

I have been ruminating all weekend on the latest chapter in the Duke LaCrosse rape claim saga. Since I have posted on this story before and this by far is the most maliscious action by Nifong, I am driven to post on it. However, I am so dumbfounded I truly do not know what to say. According to the News & Observer:
The head of a private DNA laboratory testified Friday that he and District Attorney Mike Nifong agreed last spring not to report DNA results favorable to Duke lacrosse players charged with rape.

The testimony of DNA Security director Brian Meehan could create difficulties inside and outside the courtroom for Nifong. The district attorney did not challenge Meehan's testimony, but he said after court that he did not withhold evidence. He said the defense could have asked for that material all along.

North Carolina law requires Nifong to hand over all evidence regardless of whether it has been requested. The sanctions for violating this law could include a dismissal of all charges against the three players.

Friday's testimony also will provide grist for those calling for Nifong to be disciplined or prosecuted. A North Carolina congressman recently asked the FBI to investigate the case. And the N.C. State Bar has received a number of complaints calling for Nifong to be disciplined for his public comments condemning the lacrosse players and for directing a police photo identification lineup that violated Durham Police Department policies.

The DNA samples did not match with any of the players, but did contain semen from multiple men. The accuser had claimed not to have engaged in sex for the previous week. On her part this is either a blatant lie or a really bad case of hygienic negligence. On the part of Mike Nifong, it is criminal. His only excuse is that the defense did not ask for the information. He is bound by law to deliver it.

Fox TV has a good show called "Justice" that is in danger of being cancelled. That is too bad, because I liked it. However, I thought they go a little overboard in how they portray the prosecution. Basically, they show that once an indictment is made it does not matter what evidence points to the defendants innocence. They will pursue him like a bulldog. I have also seen this happen in some of the Court TV programs. The prosecution does not want to let go no matter what evidence is found. The situation with Nifong makes me wonder if Justice is not far off of the mark.

Mike Nifong has me completely disgusted. The charges of these kids should be thrown out of court today. Mike Nifong needs to be taken away in handcuffs along with the false accuser. I am sure there are those that are still pushing for a conviction. Their agenda based in race and hatred against these boys for being wealthy is more important than the truth.


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