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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Too Early to Change Baghdad Curfew?

According to the Iraq Slogger, Iraqi PM Maliki has ordered that the curfew in Baghdad be reduced by 3 hours each night. He apparently thinks the new security measures associated with the surge are working well enough to take this measure. Time will tell if it is a good idea.

Looking at the improvement in the numbers, my opinion is that now would be the ideal time for showing Iraq a little support and solidarity. Whether any think that the improvement is temporary or not, every war has a heavy psychological factor. If they had any concern at all for the future of Iraq, it would be more prudent for the Dems to stop their little games and at least acknowledge that there is an opportunity here for the new Iraqi government to get a foothold on stabilizing the country. If they had any concern for the future of Iraq. Big If. Unfortunately there is a political power base to solidify where the foundation is built on failure in Iraq.

Some people close to Iraq are still skeptical about whether there is any real improvement. CNN's Michael Ware got a bum rap from Matt Drudge over his skepticism. Ware was accused by Drudge of getting his nose bent out of shape during a press conference with John McCain and heckling him. The tape later revealed this charge to be bogus. Shame on Drudge. I have not seen a retraction or apology either. Personally, I think Ware may be a bit too skeptical; but I do know that if he ever begins reporting positively on the situation, it will be hard for any to doubt.

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  • At 9:41 PM, Blogger confusedforeigner said…

    Michael Ware called McCain for the BS that it clearly was. When the press don't call BS you get stuff happen like the immoral and illegal destruction of Iraq.


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