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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bush Tries to Save United Nations From Irrelevance

I have long pointed out the utter worthlessness that the United Nations represents. I cannot state one thing that the United Nations has actually done that justifies the incredible amount of taxpayer money to sustain it. I cannot point to one thing the United Nations has done to deserve a modicum of respect from the world body. The most kind word I can think of to describe the UN is "joke". They are anti-American and anti-Israel. They waste much of their time and energy trying to get their hands into the back pocket of the United States scaring the world with the Global Warming farce. Leaders use the platform for their own selfish benefits for their interests.

President Bush's speech to the United Nations contains similar sentiment. He recognizes that with all of the money, people and resources this body could actually rise to the occasion and address some important world problems. George Bush states:
"This great institution must work for great purposes: to free people from tyranny and violence, hunger and diseases, illiteracy and ignorance and poverty and despair. Every member of the United Nations must join in this mission of liberation," he said.
Bush states examples of tyranny around the world that the UN could join together to fight: Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Darfur, Belarus, North Korea, Syria, Iran, and Venezuela.

Of course with all of these countries representing serious human rights violations, in supreme irony there were about 700 protesters outside chanting against Bush and Cheney and critics pointing to Guantanamo Bay. I have noted before that the treatment of Gitmo at most could be considered uncomfortable and not torture. The fact is that even if critics had a valid point about Gitmo, we would be comparing how the US treats its enemies to how these other countries treat their citizens.

Bush is correct in his challenge to the United Nations to look for worthy causes to target. The question is whether the UN will continue to waste itself on frivolity, or if it will actually take the steps necessary to become relevant.

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