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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Clinton Control Freaks

One of the biggest banes of my life has been having to deal with more than my fair share of control freaks. Some readers may be familiar with the four major personality types: Sanquine, Melancholy, Plegmatic and Choleric. You can read about them in a number of places like this. Whenever I start taking a dislike to somebody's personality or the way they operate I usually stop and analyze and realize the person is a choleric. Sorry to any choleric readers but with all of my experience on this issue I can boil cholerics down to one simple description: control freak. The funny part is that the desire for control usually does not center around anything really important. It usually is focused on petty details. Sure, some look to control every aspect of everything with everybody but most just want to select the areas they have the least association with and hammer you senseless with demands. Oh the stories I could tell. I start to subconsciously detect a choleric with a special choleric detecting nerve in my head that starts to throb. It is similar to being very focused on what you are doing, but vaguely aware that you are starting to get a headache only to realize somebody has been playing rap or heavy metal music around you quiet enough to not really notice at first.

While it is no revelation that the Clintons are control freaks, I have not thought about it much until lately. I keep hearing Hillary identifying areas she wants government to control. She wants to "take those oil profits" and use them to convert to political power for Dems. Her lust for control over the health care system is coming out again using low cost numbers that do not even pass the laugh test.

The desire for control also involves the little things. We read recently about how the Clintons bullied GQ Magazine into killing a negative story about them threatening to pull access to Bill on a story later this year. First stop and imagine the outcry and media focus if George Bush, Dick Cheney or another GOP pol had strong-armed some media outlet into killing a story. While conservative blogs and talk shows have picked this up, the MSM has simply yawned at such a hostile move against a free press.

In yet another dumpster dive into the world of petty control there is another strong-arm move by the Clintons simply to get a picture removed from the wall of the Osso Buco restaurant. It is of Chelsea and the restaurant owner, Nino Selimaj. According to WCBSTV.COM:
Mr. Clinton's Counseler, Douglas J. Band, sent a letter to Selimaj with the demands and even a threat should Selimaj choose to leave the photograph up

On official William Jefferson Clinton letterhead, was a threat to take further action: "We reserve the right to exercise any and all options available to us if you refuse to comply."
Apparently Chelsea has suddenly decided she does not want the photo on the wall after posing for it and it being displayed for 5 years. She has sent in strong-arm Daddy to take care of it for his precious darling. As the Clintons continue to enjoy power, we can expect to continue to see such control freak displays. I can expect that nerve in my head to continue to throb as I observe it.

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