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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Election Consolation Prize

I have not given up on the election. McCain / Palin may still pull it off yet. Basically the results of the election boil down to whether or not on election day the people know who and what Barack Obama is. Unfortunately, the MSM and the Obama campaign have done everything in their power to prevent enough people from that state of informed votership. How refreshing it would have been if Barack Obama had presented himself to the voters: this is my clear life history, this is who I am, these are my clear positions, this is my record showing how I have supported those positions; please vote for me. However, it Obama had done that he would not have made it past the primaries.

With only a week for the people to catch on to this phony, it seems that we may be facing the prospect of an Obama presidency. For many that is a disheartening concept. I would propose, however, that the Right will be more able to psychologically deal with an Obama win, than the Left would be able to cope with his loss. I for one find myself contemplating what I refer to as the "election consolation prize".

This prize is the positive side of an Obama win. While I fully intend to on day one offer my support to whichever candidate wins, granting out of respect for the office the benefit of the doubt until that candidate chooses a wrong course, it is not likely that Obama will make me wait long to prove my poor opinion of him and his positions. Once Obama, by his policies, declares war on me; I will declare war on him. Not before. I hope and pray I am wrong, but I doubt I am. If I am wrong, there will be a lot of angry Lefties out there.

For eight years Reagan Conservatism has taken a beating and been pushed off of the political map. The fact of the matter is that George W. Bush is not a Reagan Conservative. I have supported several of his policies and actions, but the fact is that his popularity is so low because he is not a conservative. Bush has been fiscally irresponsible, too compromising with liberals and failed to implement policy accompanied by a clear debate between conservative and liberal distinctions. Political accomplishments are not enough. In short, we find ourselves at the point where the conservative movement must be rebuilt from the ground up.

For eight years, those like me have been on the defensive and often defending at best the better of two evils instead of defending right against wrong. The consolation prize will be the opportunity to again be on the offensive. If the DEMS get it all (the White House and both Houses), they will be making decisions and taking actions that will need to be defended. Prior to 2006 the DEMS have not had to answer for their actions (even though they should have). The media was not required to expect any defense. After 2006 the MSM continued to allow DEMS to get away with taking action without accountability under the guise that the GOP still held the White House. When it comes to power, the Legislature wants equal powers with the other two branches, but stick it to the other branches when it comes to accountability.

If the DEMS take it all, the MSM will be forced to demand some accountability from them. After this election cycle, the MSM will be in a very weakened state from their blatant lack of objectivity and full support of Obama. With nearly non-existent credibility, the MSM will next be faced with the prospect of all the things about Obama they so aggressively covered and hid, become exposed. With each Cabinet nomination; with each policy proposal; with each news conference Obama will expose himself and the media filter will not be able to cover for it all. When Obama the Moderate transforms himself into Obama the Leftist before the eyes of the American people, the MSM will either shred the remains of their credibility and carry more water for him or they will realize their only hope is to play stupid like they did not know but now are "shocked" at how radical he is. No matter which way they choose, their words during the election are on record.

I relish the prospect of being on the offensive. For the good of the country I would pass on it, but if thrust upon me I will enjoy it. The memory of the people is very short. They forget what it was like under Jimmy Carter (which is why unemployment going from 5% to 6% can so easily be portrayed as a deep recession). When the people are living under liberal control by all houses, they will not need a long memory. They will see it every day. While we have the prospect of censorship looming, the New Media will still be powerful. The new media was a fledgling during the last Democrat presidency. This time, if that occurs, it will be at full strength.

Some have pushed to vote against McCain for the opportunity the Election Consolation Prize offers. While I don't go that far, if Obama wins; I am ready, willing and able to step up to the plate. I pray for a different outcome, but unlike the loony Left, I am able to cope with a political loss. It may be that for true conservatism, defeat is the best prescription for ultimate victory.

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  • At 9:03 PM, Blogger Jacob said…

    Oh, bless.

    You put us through George W Bush for eight years. If there were any justice, you'd be relegated to the corner to quietly think about your actions and not moan about your next president.

  • At 10:53 AM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    You guys on the left are always wanting us silenced.

    What is this "us" business. How possibly could a Bush presidency have put you Aussies through anything?


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