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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Hatred and Mob Mentality of the Left

Ever since McCain allowed Sarah Palin to take the gloves off and the campaign began to do the media's job of finally vetting Barack Obama (no Charlie Gibson, Obama has not yet been vetted since there are still entire chunks of his life we know little or nothing about and the media seems remarkably incurious about), the media has begun the drum beat that the McCain campaign is racist, mean, hateful and inciting a mob. The left is furious at the effectiveness of pointing out the Democrat's role in the current financial crisis, and the extremely poor judgment of Barack Obama over the years when it comes to people he associates with. McCain is also highlighting the truth of Obama's long and deep relationship with the massive voter fraud organization ACORN (exposing the lie that Obama had little to do with them).

(I was going to post the video, but oops! YouTube has once again censored the conservative message and the video is no longer available. You can read the words here)

Michelle Malkin is all over this, showing the lame attempts of the media to find hatred and mob mentality in the McCaign camp. here are some quotes:

Paul Krugman is trembling: “Something very ugly is taking shape on the political scene: as McCain’s chances fade, the crowds at his rallies are, by all accounts, increasingly gripped by insane rage…What happens when Obama is elected? It will be even worse than it was in the Clinton years. For sure there will be crazy accusations, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some violence.”

Frank Rich decries “Weimar-like rage” and the “violent escalation of rhetoric.”

Michelle then goes on to show some real examples of hatred from the left. There is the recent loony footage of Madonna inciting her crowd to clap their hands and chant about kicking Sarah Palin's ass.

There is the vulgar and profanity laces performance of Sandra Bernhard (I will only link to since it is so vulgar).

Then there is the crazed artwork from the left. You have at least two pictures out there advocating to "Abort Palin". Then you have this winning picture labeling Sarah Palin as a M.I.L.P. (Mother I'd Like to Punch)

Malkin goes on to show more hateful artwork and actions from the Left. Indeed, as I read lefty blogs (for as long as I can stomach them) I am always amazed at the sheer hatred that streams out of their words and artwork. While they contain a steady stream of venom, when I read conservative blogs I rarely see any counterpart. In fact, when somebody gets out of hand they are usually called on it that we don't want to be like the Left. Yet the MSM overlooks all of the Leftist hatred out there and makes every attempt to portray exposure of the truth as hateful and venomous. Once again we hear the MSM telling us one thing, but our eyes show a different story.

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  • At 11:06 PM, Blogger LASunsett said…

    Have you seen this video? The left calls this freedom of speech, but the McCain people were simply exercising their right to freedom of assembly.

  • At 8:21 AM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…


    All I can say is WOW! I feel like putting together a picture gallery and show people that want to vote for DEMs and say "this is the crowd that wants to vote in DEMs, do you relate with them?"

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