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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The MSM-Obama Full Court SupPress

I have been observing the Left leaning bias of the media for 25 years of my life. Many times I have been angry, surprised, shocked and indignant at the sheer blatancy of the bias. Nothing in that 25 years, however, comes close to what I have seen in this 2008 Presidential election. In other elections we have seen the MSM dig up dirt on a GOP candidate and drive, drive, drive the story home. That would be what I have referred to in the past as an MSM Full Court Press.

When McCain and Obama became the nominees, basically there was a candidate that virtually everything was already known about and the other a virtual unknown. Since there was little chance of scandal against McCain, the Full Court Press against him was thwarted. That left the alternative strategy - the Full Court Suppress to do all in their power to suppress anything that would make Obama look bad.

It has been pointed out to me that stories I may think are newsworthy and of interest are not everybody's view. Perhaps not, but the stories and areas of Obama's life that the MSM has failed to lift a finger to pursue go well beyond the typical story. In the conglomerate, nobody of either political persuasion can deny how much the MSM has been in the tank for Obama. They may spin it, they may make excuses for it, but they do not deny it.

Some would claim the MSM has "covered" most if not all of these areas. Wrong. I am looking back into other election coverage using fairly measurable factors of
1) How in depth did they research the story?
2) How in depth did they report the story?
3) How many news cycles did they include the story?

The MSM seems to be under the impression that if during a single news cycle, in midsentence they rapidly mention one of these items, without any details, under the notion that it is a claim on "the right", that it meets the criteria of having "covered" the story. How much attention did George Bush's drunk driving arrest get days before the 2000 election? How much attention did George Bush's AWOL story get (yeah, the forged document one)? How in depth and how many news cycles did the Mark Foley and Larry Craig stories get? Using these stories as bench marks, compare that to how much coverage these Obama items have gotten:

- Family claims of Barack Obama's birth in Kenya that would make him ineligible to become President
- Obama's formative years under communist and sexually perverted mentor Frank Marshall Davis
- Obama's drug years. He admits taking them - where did he buy them? Did he sell them? When did he stop taking them?
- Since Obama will not release his school transcripts, how did he get into Harvard?
- What was he doing in Pakistan?
- Why would a virtual unknown community organizer be selected to chair the board of the CAC?
- With a organizational newsletter supporting by claim and a picture that Barack Obama was a member of the socialist New Party, why is he denying being a socialist?
- The depth of his association with William Ayers. Have you seen the little office bldg they shared?
- The likelihood that William Ayers ghost wrote Obama's book "Dreams of My Fathers"

The three newest news suppression stories are:
- The withholding of the tape of Obama praising PLO operative Rashid Khalidi by the LA Times
- The deliberate shutting off of basic credit card security measures on the Obama website to guard against illegal foreign donations and against exceeding donation limits.
- The depth of the investigation of Joe the Plumber in retaliation for getting Obama to reveal his socialist inclinations

There are many more items in this list that the MSM has simply yawned over. It is an all out information suppression campaign. The information is there. It is easy to obtain much of it. The MSM, however, has always had a different standard of what is newsworthy depending on the ideology of the person the story involves. It is only newsworthy to play a story that makes a Republican look bad. It simply is not newsworthy to make a Democrat look bad. In this election, they have been exponentially worse than in the past.

I am certain there are books already in the making describing this information suppression. We can only hope that they are being written by a source not easy for the MSM to dismiss. Either way, the people have seen with their own eyes their electioneering. Somebody said recently that if he is elected, the MSM will have ownership of an Obama Presidency and all the ramifications that come with it. The memory of most people is very short. It will be up to the New Media and word of mouth by the informed to keep the memory fresh.

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  • At 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It could be that in its zeal to promote Obama MSM has signed its own death warrant--at least for many concious Americans, who will increase a reader base of alternative media and bring in more readers through their own connection.

    I'm hardly a pundit, but there's something about the power of altenative media when you get tens of replies like this to a post about the true nature of this election:

    Thank goodness others see the danger to our country under an Obama administration. If only the MSM would wake up and really report the truth instead of just repeating what their corporate leaders tell them to say. But then, if they did they would be out of a job. I feel that most of the so-called reporters actually believe the garbage they feed us each day
    My post was about the fact that it's no longer about GOP vs. Dems

  • At 5:10 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    Dr. Slogan,

    Thanks for your comments. The old media stocks, readership and viewership continues to plunge. They used to tell us it is all about making money, not bias. Neither then, nor now was it primarily about money. It is about their ideology and how they sell truth short for their ideology. People want news, not a gossip rag.

  • At 5:34 PM, Blogger Merete said…

    Hey AICS,
    long time since we had an argument!

    Stopped blogging, too time consuming and I wanted to have some more positivity in my life as I had the feeling the world is pretty effed up, too much war, too much hunger, too much fighting, too much shit.

    So happy was I when HOPE came along! Somebody that was actually very intelligent, for the people, somebody that wanted peace instead of war... Too bad I cannot cast any vote but I am following this important election very closely!

    So I just had to check back to your blog and see what you are writing about it. Also daily check Drudge and Fox wile hanging out on HuffPo which is my favorite news source (hey! I can actually list some!)

    I think the majority of the American people are just fed up with W and his catastrophic ruling.

    Look at the mess you Americans are in! Recession, depression, everything is failing and falling apart. It's sad to see, I wish all good for you and your country.

    America desperately need a change! And Obama is the only one I believe can make a positive change.

    McCain has only negativity to come with with. Choosing Palin as the VP was the biggest mistake he made. It just shows his poor judgment and that he perhaps choses his women after the wrong criteria...

    Kind of funny, but when after knowing her now for a few weeks, she at least gives me the feeling that I can become vpresident too! Hey, I bet 1/5 of the female population also could do it!

    I think the fun is over now. The time has come to change the course. It will be a land slide this time for the Dems.

    So what about all these weird questions you have about Obama, kind of insinuating that he is a terrorist, was not born in the US, maybe sellin drugs, cheating his way in to university. (Like is isn't smart enough? Reality check?)

    Nobody is interested in that shit, that's why you can't find any articles about it.

    You can just take a look into his eyes and see that he is a genuine person that wants the best for the people and this world.

    He is the ONLY one that can ever be able to restore the relationships to other foreign countries.

    Saw you made fun of Europe and that our vote counts and 0 no matter how many countries we are. But after being funny, did you actually take a close look on the numbers?

    Europe is overwhelmingly voting for Obama. All of us.

    Isn't there any bells ringing then, when you see that most people's opinion differs from yours? Don't you ever think "hey, maybe they are right?".

    It all seems pretty clear to the rest of the world. And whomever becoming the next president has some hell of a job to clean up, I surely don't envy them!

    Peace out,

  • At 9:44 AM, Blogger Christina said…

    I couldn't help but respond to merete. I have no idea who you are and none of this is personal, but when you said that, " Europe is overwhelmingly voting for Obama. All of us.
    Isn't there any bells ringing then, when you see that most people's opinion differs from yours? Don't you ever think "hey, maybe they are right?"."

    Yes, there are alarm bells ringing but not for the reason you think. Actually, when the majority is against me and my views it generally tells me I'm headed in the right direction. The right thing is typically the harder thing and the less popular thing.

    It's easy to go along with the crowd and to choose the easier of two options. It takes a lot more guts to choose the right thing. Doing what is right is very often unpopular and misunderstood by the masses.

    The fact that Europe wholeheartedly supports Obama is not at all reassuring to me. Europe has PLENTY of its own problems: social, economic and political. The very problems of Europe have been/are the ones I and others like me are desperately trying to avoid.

    There is a reason America has been a superpower and a force for peace in the world over the years, and I will absolutely guarantee that the reason is not Eurpean or socialistic policies. Our success lies firmly in our Christian foundation and our Constitution.

    There is only one candidate who seeks to uphold what has made us strong...and it's not Obama. He sees the Consitution as flawed and he certainly does not act or vote as though he cares about Christian principles.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinions, as am I, but we fundamentally disagree about who would be best for America.

  • At 10:08 AM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…


    Great to hear from you. You were one of my fav lib blogs. We will never agree on much but I always thought you were a good person.

    I wish I had time to respond to everything. As you know, world opinion is something I care very little about. Most people around the world are very ill informed. They are also very inconsistent. The world seems to have an ok opinion of Communist China and formerly Communist (but still virtually totalitarian) Russia. The world seems to smile on Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.

    When it comes to the United States, the world simply wants us weaker economically and militarily. I don't begrudge them that view, but it completely removes any desire on my part to respect their view. I am not after all suicidal.

    I think that many people are interested in the hidden areas of Obama's life. People were certainly very interested to find out if George W. Bush went AWOL or not. The last eight years people have criticized the secrecy of the Bush administration, yet here Obama is cloaked in secrecy for years of his life and nobody seems care. Consistency has always been a weak point with liberals.

    Sorry, but looking in his eyes to see if he is a genuine person is no substitute for information.

    The Obama presidency will go one of two ways:

    1) He is as radical as I fear and in 2010 we will see an overwhelming landslide in favor of the GOP just like with Clinton in 1994. Obama will be weakened and limp to 2012 where the GOP will retake the presidency. Obama will not be lucky enough to have an equivalent to the revolution that saved us economically from Clinton's policies that in the past have caused massive economic failure (such as under Carter)

    2) Obama will turn out to be the moderate I think he is pretending to be and will absolutely drive crazy the Daily Kos and Huffington Post crowd for not being liberal enough. (kinda like Bush is not conservative enough for my tastes). They will turn against their Messiah in disgust for betraying them.

  • At 8:13 AM, Blogger LASunsett said…

    //You can just take a look into his eyes and see that he is a genuine person that wants the best for the people and this world.//

    Written by someone who has little understanding of the Chicago political machine. He is a tool, a prop. His entire candidacy has been generated by George Soros, MoveOn.Org, and a host of radical figures that can easily be classified as socialist.

    His political roots are planted deep in a city that once sported "upstanding" citizens like Al Capone and it has one of the highest murder rates of any city in the nation, despite having the toughest gun laws.

    Socialism may work in Europe and the majority of the people may like shelling out half of their income for government programs that create a massive bureaucracy. But here in the US, most people do not believe the programs work.

    Obama is one of the most disingenuous candidates to ever run for the US Presidency and his movement hasn't been ratified by the American people yet, albeit it has by the Euro and mainstream US media.

    So celebrate if you want. Just remember the votes aren't counted yet and Europeans cannot vote in this one.

  • At 12:40 PM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…


    Correction: Europeans can only vote in Ohio with same-day registration/voting. But I think the deadline for cheating is over now...

  • At 9:37 PM, Blogger Incognito said…

    I agree... I have never seen such media bias in all the years I have lived and voted here. I find it a major disgrace.

    I also find it pathetic that the American people have allowed themselves to be so duped by Obama hype by their hatred for George Bush. I had no idea there were so many stupid people in this country.

    as for global support for an Obama presidency: I think many people are hoping for the U.S. to fall,I've seen those kinds of comments on various fora, Obama will ensure that happens.

    The American people will get what they deserve, although sadly, some of us will suffer as well.

  • At 9:30 AM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…


    I once attended an event with a missionary speaker who was from Romania or Bulgaria. Someone asked her what the people there thought of America, and she said, "We see you as the rich older brother who's always telling us what to do."

    Other countries resent us and want to see us brought down a peg (or all of them). Any candidate that looks like he's going to do that for them and look to them for guidance is the one they're going to support.

  • At 10:15 AM, Blogger Incognito said…

    There's also a certain amount of jealousy involved, at least with the Europeans, after all they were the 'superpowers' so to speak at one point in history.

    I've traveled and lived abroad all my life and still have friends around the world, and there are still many who love America, and look to us as the only one's who can save the world.

    I think often it's a question of biting the hand that feeds you.. with some people in certain countries.

    I also blog on a site that is mostly 'east asian, middle eastern,african etc. when the U.S. economy started to fail, the comments from these people were all negative... wishes for the demise of the U.S. What they stupidly fail to realize is that the world economies are inextricably linked and that if WE fall, so do THEY, which is what happened. Gotta love karma. They also stupidly fail to realize that most of the aid going to those 3rd world countries originates here. We should just pull all that money and then see how they feel.

  • At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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