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Monday, June 07, 2010

Helen Thomas Puts a Crack in the Liberal Camp

Anti-Israel sentiments may have strong among liberals for some time, but it seems only in recent years that it has become fashionable and very prevalent. All of this time the Jewish people in America have in overwhelming numbers voted Democrat. It was easy when we had staunch GOP supporters of Israel in the White House. While Bill Clinton was not as friendly to Israel, there was enough lip service to being an ally to Israel to keep it from becoming much of a concern to the American Jewish voting block. The Obama Presidency and Administration has been so extremely friendly and pacifying to the clear enemies of Israel, it has to have been for several months the elephant in the room in many Jewish homes in the US. In their zeal for liberal utopia, many a blind eye must have been turned thus far. I believe that is all about to change. The incredible anti-Israel, anti-semetic comments by Helen Thomas have shaken the tree, and the ripened fruit of Jewish bigotry is falling all over the ground.

I have watched the dialogue on the subject on DailyKos for a couple of days with great interest and some admitted measure of entertainment. There are some quite angry and disgusted with these comments telling the Jews of Israel to go back "home" to Poland and Germany. There are others that are quite fine with her comments and coming to her defense. There was initial denial claiming that just because the video debuted on conservative websites, that they must have edited it and taken her words out of context. Listening to the tape it is difficult to see how that is possible, or any benign nature to her words. Yet she has plenty of defenders among the DailyKos comments. Since her apology, it has become even more interesting. There are those quick to overlook her words since she "apologized" and there are those who recognize that her words are to ugly to accept an apology and move on.

The dialogue over Helen Thomas will be the spotlight that is needed to really shake up the Jewish voting block. If she stays in the White House press corps, it will churn the dialogue against her and the ugly anti-semetic sentiment of many progressives. If she is fired, her defenders will also underscore her views. Either way it goes, this dialogue will certainly churn things up and make some American Jews rethink their support of a movement that wants to tie the hands of Israel against defending themselves against their enemies that want nothing more than the State of Israel to cease to exist.

Update: Helen Thomas has retired effective immediately. Well, well, this is the one scenario that would limit the damage with the Jewish voting block as it allows the dialogue to end the soonest.

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  • At 6:40 AM, Anonymous No To ZOG said…

    Perfect example of how the Israeli/Jewish lobby drive the dialogue in this country.

    It's free speech for all as long as you don't question the Jews and what they do with all that cash we as a nation give them.

    Face it, these guys control the Media, banks and the Govt and if you don't play ball and spout their mantra your Gentile ass is grass.

    Yeah...yeah.... I know, I'm an anti Semite, but then again I thought Bush was an idiot and I guess that makes me a terrorist sympathizer???

  • At 3:04 PM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…


    Perfect example of how the Israeli/Jewish lobby drive the dialogue in this country.

    Are you out of your ever-lovin' mind?

    Media coverage of the Flotilla Incident was hugely slanted AGAINST Israel. It was presented as peace-loving humanitarians bringing much-needed sustenance to the poor Palestinians who are enduring mass starvation brought on, by force, by the Evil Israel, who attacked the flotilla with guns blazing and mowed down the innocent humanitarians. If you believe this, you're the idiot you thought Bush was.

    Instead, by their own admission, the flotilla organizers' purpose was to break the legal blockade, operated by BOTH Israel and Egypt, using humanitarian aid as a cover. Israel peacefully boarded five of the six ships, and when they boarded the sixth, they were armed with paintball guns and were beaten with metal rods and chairs by the peace lovers, who subsequently and proudly posted pictures of the beaten IDF soldiers on the internet. But you didn't see any of this in the Jew-controlled media.

    Face it, Helen Thomas's anti-semitic, Gentile ass is grass not because she didn't play ball and spout the Israeli/Jewish mantra. It's grass because she went way too far when she spelled out in public what the liberal media truly believes, instead of keeping the truth under wraps where the hard-working ultimate source of their paychecks can't see it.

  • At 10:31 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    ZOG, she has freedom of speech. They did not haul her ass away to jail did they? I don't know how she survived expounding "Thank God for Hezbollah" a few years back.

  • At 10:32 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…


    The flotilla coverage was a disgrace only 2nd place after the UN passing a resolution against Israel defending themselves.


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