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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Obama the Crude

Many are expressing offense the President Obama used the sexual slur "Tea-Baggers" in an upcoming book. We have seen one left-leaning reporter after another use this crude term when referring to those associated with the Tea Party Movement. Instead of addressing the genuine and rational concerns of the Tea Party movement (outrageous runaway spending that will doubtless lead to confiscatory tax hikes beyond the already unfair burden), the left attempts to dismiss the movement by using a sexual term used for the practice of dipping ones scrotum into the mouth of another mimicking the dipping of a tea bag in hot water. I do not join the ranks of the easily offended regarding this slur. Instead of feeling offended for myself, I feel embarrassment for the person using the slur. The crude are often unable to feel embarrassment for their boorish acts, that it is often left to those around them to feel it for them.

What I do take offense over is that President Obama somehow came to believe he has time to write a book. In the midst of one crisis after another, somehow time can be spent authoring a book. This would not be just any book, but a book with the name of a sitting US President on the cover. Add to that, being the first black President. Add to that the intense scrutiny he knows the book will be under. Imagine the care and attention such a book must take to ensure it meets the lofty standard of being written by the most powerful man on earth. How in the world does such time exist without drawing attention away from the great cares that demand presidential action?

We have an impending crisis looming that the recent oil spill will only magnify. The economy has a time bomb in it. This time bomb consists of fuel prices. We are already paying a lofty $3 and higher per gallon. Any improvement in the economy with drive up fuel usage which will drive up fuel prices. With the increased restrictions on drilling that Obama already placed and the doubtless further restrictions on offshore drilling the oil spill will influence, we are likely looking at the highest gas prices ever.

With President Obama driving up our deficits so he can recreate this nation in his image the only solution Democrats understand is to increase taxes. We will likely see a poison pill of increased income taxes combined with a new layer of taxation likely in the form of a VAT tax. The increase of taxation and fuel prices will be disastrous.

I guess after further consideration, I should be glad rather than offended that Obama is spending time writing books. Hopefully, such book writing will steal away enough time to keep him from further poisoning the well of economic prosperity our country has enjoyed for a long time.

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  • At 8:04 PM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…

    Perhaps Obama's new book is being ghost-written, as some believe about his other books. And that would leave him plenty of time for further destroying our economy and sucking up to tyrants.

    The man is a narcissist. He can't resist giving his lessers another opportunity to worship and adore him. The book WILL be written.


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