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Monday, May 16, 2005

A question of patriotism

One of the most illogical things I continue to hear is that an individual can be a patriot and at the same time use the power of the press or office to tear down, humiliate or weaken their country. While any patriot would support unpatriotic freedom of speech, do not cloak it in patriotism. Do not cheer when our military takes a hit (on the field or in the press). Do not express glee when our economy is challenged. Do not welcome criticism of our country from foreign sources. Brothers and sisters can say the nastiest things to each other, but woe to an outsider that gives the slightest insult.

It is especially disgusting to see one who has highly benefited from the greatness of the US, yet will criticize the US here and abroad.

Finally, it is really amazing that a citizen of any country in the world is welcome to love and support his coutry, except America. While those of other countries can wave their flags, celebrate their festivities, take pride in the accomplishments of their atheletes - the Americans must keep quiet, a low profile, apologize for the great things she is and does.

The next time one of these traitors asks "Are you questioning my patriotism", answer them with a resounding "Yes!"


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