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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Durbin apology - take 2

Dick Durbin took a step closer to an apology for his outrageous and irresponsible comments comparing actions at Gitmo to some of the most inhumane regimes in history. However, careful inspection of his words do not reflect that a) he actually thinks he created a grave offense b) that he is actually sorry for doing something horribly wrong.

The first attempt could be boiled down to "I'm sorry if you misunderstood me..." . This attempt can be boiled down to "I'm sorry if you were offended by my words...". A true apology would leave out the word "if". When he states he had an error in judgement, he does not make it clear that he says something wrong leaving it likely he realizes it was a political error in judgement - ooh, this could hurt me politically so I better apologize.

The proof of my premise is the ridiculous quote of Abraham Lincoln that boiled down basically reveals he thinks that some day his statement wil be vindicated. In fact, this "apology" could easily be backed away from in the unlikely event that these claims were vindicated at some point in the future.

A real apology would have given examples of the unfathomable suffering during the Nazi camps, Pol Pot killing fields and Russian gulag then show how comparing any issue at Gitmos is like comparing Mt. Everest to a speck of dust.

Durbin has shown a complete lack of judgement and a sense of reality. He has shown himself unworthy of holding the office he holds. While I do not join the crowd to demand resignations at these times of foolishness, I would hope that the people of my state of Illinois would mark and remember this at the next election.


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