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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Theft of communication

There seems to be a conspiracy to systematically steal our ability to distinctly communicate ideas. One motive is likely that given a level opportunity to communicate ideas, one side of the spectrum always soundly trounces the other side. Until recent years this was handled by merely blocking that side from having a microphone or printed page - but that is history.

Now by strategically attacking communication, robs the ability to clearly present ideas. The plan includes taking all superlatives and extremes and relagating them to the mediocre and routine. The way Amnesty, Dick Durbin and others have recently been throwing around the terms "gulag", "Nazi", "Facist" and names like "Pol Pot" takes the worst of human history and assigns them to the equivalent of speeding tickets and jaywalking. By taking advantage of the complete or partial ignorance of most on the details of these atrocious elements of the human experience, they rob us of the times when truly equivalent actions are revealed to point back, warn and denounce. Additionally, these examples spit on the graves of these poor victims of monstrocities for the base goal of winning a mere political point or two. They look at the gaunt eyes and frame of the victims and heartlessly state "You died in vain and your worth is forgotten."


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