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Saturday, June 25, 2005

No Comparison

The Democrats must be tired of getting beaten up for their outrageous remarks until they apologize under the pressure. Now they want to try it on Karl Rove for making factual statements. First, Rove was on the theme of radical liberal groups like and used the word "liberals" - not "Democrats". Second, there were many liberals before, during and after our response in Afganistan that would have preferred the route of appeasement. The Democrats seem to be so desparate to dish back what they keep deservedly getting, that now making low key, factual statement are now offenses worthy of resignation.

Karl Rove is master of the "rope a dope" and this is another brilliant stroke. After Durbin's foolish and offensive rhetoric, you couldn't use dynamite to get the Dems to repudiate his statements. Now Rove makes his spot-on comments and the Dems find their voice to condemn. Rove could really one-up Durbin on his "I'm sorry if I offended you" bit by saying "I'm sorry if the truth hurts".


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