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Monday, August 08, 2005

Has Carville gone . . . sane?

It appears the usually rabid James Carville has had a lucid moment. In a discussion with Imus, Carville painted a very realistic picture of the likely events that transpired at the NY Times regarding the Plame case. The likely story is that Miller who has been in jail almost 6 weeks is actually protecting herself and not some un-named source. Her editors also likely know the truth here and may also be asked to testify, with similiar consequences if they don't. He asks if this is going to be a 1st or 5th amendment issue. If it is a 5th amendment issue, he says the Times "to some extent is going to have to come clean." The obvious has already been stated before: no rational person at this point would stay in jail to protect Rove as a source. Logically, it can only be a different embarrassing source or herself that she protects with her stint in the pokey.

With Carville, you must enjoy these moments of sanity when they come. The last I recall was when he put the garbage can over his head.


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