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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cindy Sheehan creates sticky situation

Cindy Sheehan, mother of a fallen soldier, is creating a sticky situation - not for Bush, but for those who wish to comment on her unusual behavior in Crawford, TX. Bush is a man of principle that makes decisions based on principle, disregarding polls and protestors. However, with the media ignoring the Gorelick wall and the Air America embezzlement but giving alot of attention to Cindy Sheehan, critics of her statements and the ensuing media attention are placed in a sticky situation.

I am grateful for the sacrifice her son made and respectful of her loss. I also respect her right to protest and disagree with policy. It is a sticky situation to comment on, to ensure that gratitude and respect remain intact. What I focus on is to yet again evaluate the thought processes of the media. The media feels no such restraint and is more than willing to use this poor women as a pawn in their never ending quest to bash Bush.

The most I will say about her is that she obviously is suffering emotionally or psychologically from her loss and/or some other events in her life. This obvious from her 180 degree change from her meeting with President Bush. Additionally, she is now stating that Israel needs to get out of Palestine. The next logical step in her direction is to convert to Islam, if she indeed goes further down this path against the urgings of her family.

The media never quite sees the damage they do to their credibility by locking on to people like this. Whether it is Mick Jagger singing a Bush bashing song, or Bono, or Michael Moore, or some other wild eyed partisan, the media continues to latch on to anyone they can use as an excuse to bash Bush. In some ways you would think they were out to help Bush, knowing how people will view the nature of the people they continue to parade before us. As they continue to bleed credibility, they seem to be completely blind to the fact. Then they are shocked when their ratings and circulation numbers keep going down, while the numbers of those that do not engage in this lunacy continues to rise.
CNN isn't the only organization with a sign on its back that says "Kick Me".


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