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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ms. Gorelick, tear down this wall

Ok, I heard that one on the radio, so I did not originate it but it sounds so good I had to use it. In the days leading up to my vacation I had to work so much overtime I did not have time to post on Gorelick's wall. This will likely be as huge a story as the oil-for-food scandal. In other words, a huge story that goes untold for the most part due to the media being water carriers for the Dems, especially Hillary.

In a nutshell Jamie Gorelick was Janet Reno's assistant AG. She wrote a memo that established a wall between the military and the FBI concerning exchanges of intelligence. When a military funded data mining project called Able Danger was able in 2000 to identify a terrorist cell that included 911 leader Atta and 3 other 911 terrorists, they wanted to share this with the FBI. Pentagon lawyers argued they were restrained from doing so by Gorelick's wall. 3000 bodies later, the rest is history.

When some attempted to raise this issue during the 911 commission hearings, it was squelched by Gorelick who somehow happened to be on the commission, refusing to recuse herself. We all saw the discusting sight of the GOP members of that commission yet again trying to be friends with the Dems instead of doing what they were commissioned to do: find the causes of 911. All along, the Dems were ignoring their commission by doing all they could to pin 911 on Bush. Of course the media went along with this. In a long trail of credibility bleeding events, the media actually treated the commission seriously instead of revealing it for the circus that it was.

The key questions of the story are 1) How in the world did Jamie Gorelick get on the commission? It would be very revealing to find out who made that recommendation. 2) What did the other Dem commission members know going into this, since it was obvious she should have recused herself during the discussion of the wall and none of Dems pressed for her doing so? 3) What were the classified documents Sandy Berger stuffed in his clothes when he was preparing for his 911 testimony? How was he able to cut a deal without revealing what he stole and later destroyed?

The bottom line is that without the Gorelick wall, 911 would likely not have taken place. The FBI would have been able to investigate Atta and likely see that his group was training to fly planes. Knowing they were a likely terrorist cell and that they were training to fly commercial aircraft it would have been very easy to connect the dots.


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