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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Logic Lifeline on Vacation

The world will need to go for a week without a logic life line. I will be back next week to offer more logical commentary on human events. Wish I could write about Gorelick's Wall, as I think the Hillary presidency just went down the drain. We'll see if the MSM can recover from this one. I see they are already trying to move on quickly, but the blogosphere will do their best to hold their feet to the fire.

I guess only one other thing might save Hillary. There were many willing to fall on their sword for Bill. Will Ms. Gorelick be willing to fall on her sword for Hillary? It won't be enough to let Reno take the fall since the Clinton's picked her.

Anyway, eager to see where it goes but eager for R&R.

Update: I guess there is an internet hotspot where I am at, so I may get to post after all.


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