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Monday, August 01, 2005

Helen Thomas all dish, no take

The arrogance of the media appears to be bottomless as displayed by Helen Thomas. Thomas has been a bitter partisan hack for years in the White House press corp. Every nuiance of GOP statements are attacked, dissected and thrown out for political fodder and that is fine in her book. Now the crusty windbag rants about her disgust at the thought of Dick Cheney running for President claiming she would kill herself over it. I'm sure Cheney was thinking, "where do I sign?"

Now that her statements were picked up by a fellow reporter and printed, she doesn't like the bitter pill she's dished out for decades. She whines, "We all say stuff we don't want printed."
She doesn't stop to think about all the private conversations of politicians picked up by reporters and printed (such as Bush privately calling somebody a 'major league *@$#@!&%'). I am sure she is fine with that and other cases. I am sure she thinks reporters should be immune from the low assaults they put on politicians.

Actually, since reporters take such an active role in shaping public opinion, I think they should be given the same white glove inspection the politicians get. Now that every presidential press conference looks like a shark feeding frenzy, the public should know what kind of people these press corp. are. What are their political leanings? Who do they donate to? What is their military record? Did they take drugs or have any drunk driving charges in their past?

Those like Helen can only dish it out, though, and can't take it.


  • At 4:58 PM, Blogger Roman Stauffer said…

    I agree with your article completely. The White House should move Helen Thomas's seat in the White House Briefing Room to the very last row. She needs to be put back with the foreign correspondents and reporters.

  • At 9:03 AM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    We have gone from a previous administration that will not even let dissenters in the same room, to one that virtually sleeps with the enemy. Bush insists on being a gentleman even when knifed in the back. I think Bush needs donate his backbone to science when he dies so it can be studied. We need to replicate that material and use it to build our buildings. They would hold up during a hurricane.


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