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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

If it makes sense - oppose it!

The link is for a USAToday editorial by Caroline Fredrickson opposing the Carter - Baker commission recommendation to prevent voter fraud. One key element that I am shocked Carter goes along with is to require a photo ID. A photo ID makes alot of sense, but is resisted by claims that it would adversely affect the poor. They are comparing the recommendation to the current infrastructure as if no infrastructural changes would be made if the recommendation were made into law. I would be willing to see the government fund the ID's, provide taxi service for those too poor to come on their own dime, even setting up structured visits to health care facilities as needed. The right of the people to have fair, tamper-free elections is just as fundamental as the right to vote.

Even if a photo id requirement were put in place, the left will next claim that the poor and elderly are more likely to lose their ID making it unfair. Liberal activist judges will no doubt overturn any law along these lines making it a decade before it could be implemented. Then when the supreme court says it is OK, the left will claim the court is in the GOP back pocket, stolen elections, selected not elected, etc.

In recent elections both sides have complain or expressed deep concern about voter fraud. Yet only one side seems interested in doing something to prevent it. This not only removes credibility on the left, but adds suspicion that "the lady doth protest too much". With two rights at stake: the right to vote and the right for a fraud free election, the left thinks one is more equal than the other. If election are rife with fraud, the right to vote is meaningless. Did the people of Iraq exercise their right to vote when Sadaam received 100%? That is not
the right to vote, that is only the right to flip a switch.


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