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Monday, October 31, 2005

CNN puts on kick me sign on the indictments

In the same story showing Harry Reid whining about firing Rove, CNN make polling a news story and spins the indictment of Libby. The heading of this section of the story states:

Poll: Indictment damages White House

Among other polling data regarding Libby, CNN has to go all the way back to July to make a comparison. A reminder that tomorrow is November 1. Here is the quote:

"Nevertheless, Bush's approval rating was 41 percent, the same as it was before before the indictment, and views of his honesty remained stable at 49 percent versus 47 percent last month.

Only 43 percent said they believe he can manage the government effectively, compared with 53 percent who held that opinion in July."

So instead of the heading stating that the indictment did not change Bush's approval rating, they have to trek all the way back to July to show a double digit difference which was the desired effect. If this is not bias, what is? Why July? What was this number right before the indictments? What other factors may have affected that number?

With news profits, viewers and circulations way down in the liberal arena, such blatant bias is once again donning the now infamous "kick me" sign I often post about on this blog.


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