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Monday, October 31, 2005

Kiss the Girl

If you have ever seen "The Little Mermaid", you will have seen the part of the film where they sing "Kiss the Girl". The little mermaid must have one kiss of true love to avoid becoming slave to the witch. There is a long drawn out part as the couple gets closer and closer while the music builds into a crescendo. Finally, just as their lips are less than an inch away from each other, the witch's pets turn over the boat they are in.

The liberals and their water carrying media built up the CIA leak story to a fevered pitch, where you expected the entire administration frog marched out of the White House. Then the boat tipped over as only one person was actually indicted. None of the indictments were for the original crime being investigated. Not only was there no clear statement on Valerie Plame's alleged covert status, but after coming close to insinuating it, Fitzgerald had to clearly back away from any such claim.

The liberals have been behaving like the unfolding of these events are a positive thing, when in fact the results are meager at best and may not even stand the test of a trial. They are trying to beat their chests with the thrill of victory when they know that the "prosecutor's prosecutor" didn't deliver the goods. They do not stop to think that maybe there are no goods to deliver. They do not stop to think of who the real culprits in this whole saga are likely to be: the CIA and the Wilsons. A cursory look at the antics of Joe Wilson will show that his motives are not at all pure in this. If Wilson was concerned about his wife's CIA status, he would have kept a low profile instead of the trip to Niger, the high profile OP-Ed hit piece, the media circus, the photo shoot. All of this does not add up to a careful effort to keep from blowing his wife's cover. By simply sticking his head up and writing this piece so strongly against the administration, how many government agencies immediately investigated who this man was? What is his history? Who is he married to? What is her history? Had Rove and Libby been silent, her cover was already in jeopardy from that moment.

The corruption in the CIA is a known fact; leading Bush to appoint Porter Goss as its head to weed out the corruption. The media is usually not so chummy with the CIA, but if their actions might hurt Bush - best friends. It is interesting that nearly every story I read regarding the tragedy of the actions of the Bush administration whether from the New York Times or 60 Liberal Minutes, the sources always seem to be limited to the Wilsons and the CIA. It was CIA intelligence that failed us on Sept. 11. It was CIA intelligence that failed us either on the possession of WMD in Iraq or where they went? We know there is animosity between the CIA and the Bush administration. Why should they be trusted? Partisanship, will allow an overlooking of these flaws because the alternative does not line up with ideology.

I am accused often of sticking for corruption and wrong doing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone who is proven of wrongdoing needs to be punished. The key word is proven. Of all the venomous, hate-filled assaults against Bush there is very little solid evidence proving wrongdoing. This is a day where people are selling their souls for partisan agendas. What lies people will tell, what unprofessional actions people will make to advance their agenda makes their credibility hard to swallow.


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