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Monday, October 31, 2005

Sling shot has been released

In this post I spoke of the sling shot effect about to take place. Bush's low poll numbers never hit as low the low points of all his predecessors. The low point has likely been hit acting the same as pulling back on a rubber sling shot as tight as possible and then releasing. The Supreme Court nomination of Samuel Alito has lit the fuse in energizing the base. A nominee the base can be confident will interpret the constitution instead of legislating from the bench and making up constitutional law out of whole cloth is a huge step in Bush regaining his momentum.

With the CIA leak fizzle, soon only the loons will be talking about it. Successful Iraqi elections in December will be a triple crown in the march toward democracy in that country. With the new government more firmly in place, the training of the Iraqi police and military will soon pay off. I predict by next June we will see a modest return of some soldiers.

The lies and hype of the left is beginning to evaporate. As I say again and again, the left always overplays its hand. By hyping the Plame case only to have a fizzling indictment that will not likely stand the left has drawn back the curtain and we are seeing the humbug.


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