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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Leak case a field day of speculation

I see rampant speculation on the left about possible indictments in the leak case. I find it hard to believe that there would be a significant leak of information on indictments in an investigation of leaked info. For those reporting alledged leaks many were quite angry at the thought of Rove, et. al. leaking about Valerie Plame yet none buzzing about a leak in the prosecuters office seem the least bit angry about that. There seems to be quite a lot of silence on the GOP side. Most conservative sites I visit almost always report even the bad along with the good, so this whole picture is not jiving.

I have a few theories of my own, though I admit they are speculation. Having admitted that I may as well record them before the fact to see which are correct.

My first theory is that somebody tripped up in something they did. Someone lower down in the administration. A series of indictments will be made and the issue will end. The delay in announcing would produce quite an interesting reaction in the MSM.

My backup theory is that the indictments will go higher up at Rove, Libbey or both. Both would resign and I suspect go to trial where I predict an aquittal. In this case, expect the administration to lurch to the right in its policies of immigration, spending and other issues. My one issue with Rove is that although he wins elections, instead of capitalizing on the wins he only thinks of the next election and GOP expansion. Once Rove is out of the way, Bush will only have his base and I would like to think he would work overtime to keep them happy.

So that is it. Not much to this post but added it for fun.


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